Matthew Williamson At Home.

This dude is the antithesis to all that I hold true and dear… and yet…isnt it just so fun?


And by that I mean, fun for someone else’s house…(WINK!) Anyway, I thought the blog needed a good shot of color, and other than Betsey Johnson, WHO LIVES LIKE THIS?!?! (Anyone who hires Jamie Drake,actually, and that would include Mayor Bloomberg HERE. Not that Drake did this place, but you get the point…) Fashion people have the funkiest houses!

Photos from Elle Decoration UK, and by Damian Russel HERE.


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  1. I remember when his place was in Domino….
    I’ve been craving neon pink these days, perhaps this planted the seed?

    Fun to see again!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      RIGHT!!!!! I was trying to remember where else this was published!!! GOOD ONE!

  2. fucking inspiring–thanks for the post!
    mme. j

  3. Whoa, luvs, from afar. All I can think when I get to the mirror-ed extravaganza is windex, dust, and lint. Brills.

  4. his house could not be more him and his lines overall aesthetic, I would die to live here, who could be sad in this house?


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