Howl at the moon!

Welcome to Monday everyone! It was a slow blogging weekend for us all, and its going to be hard to keep up the momentum, but we’ll try, won’t we?

This is the look book of Jewelry company BJØRG… I can’t tell if these photos are pre-historic or if this is what the future holds, you know after the human race has pepper sprayed itself into oblivion.

The pieces are savage and yet delicate (just like Woman?). I dunno what it is, but I find it spellbinding.

And isn’t the brunette a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie circa Alexander?

Also, maybe I would wear some of this. I REALLY like that horse hair earring thing- it looks VERY regal. And the claw hand- thats great. The cigarette ring is great too, if you smoke, which I hope you don’t.

Check it out HERE.

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  1. I personally love the necklace and the bracelet in the last two pictures!


    Rebecca june

  2. I love the photos, but that Angelina lookalike is a little…mustachey? I think it’s just the lighting. She’s still gorge, but it doesn’t help my self esteem if I don’t look for at least a LITTLE flaw in a model. Ha. Um. I’m a bad person.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Haahahhaha! I didn’t see it before… but MAYBE? I think she is just a dark haired girl… mustachey even if there is no hair there? Ive always thought Lauren conrad was mustachey, but no one else seemed to notice!

      • Oh, LC DEFINITELY has a ‘stache. Girl needs to get that thing waxed, stat. You’d think her handlers would find a tactful way of letting her know…

        • Nicole Cohen says:

          Haha! Ya see, I think she’s waxed,electrocuted and lazered that thing into oblivion but that the actual color of her skin is darker there. No?