Fashion at Home: House Tour with Designer Caroline Hedaya.

Remember when in a blog post about personal style a few weeks ago I said I had a friend that could make anything look cool? Well, I was talking about my childhood buddy designer Caroline Hedaya. As kids and even teens, Caroline had personal style in spades and so it was no surprise when, after graduating from FIT (at which we took many painting and drawing classes together), she started her own fashion line… Of course, all this time, I’ve been waiting around to see how she would decorate her own place (cause you know that’s all I care about). And when she and her husband started to furnish their two bedroom apartment, I went along for the ride…

Sooooo, now that its done  (or as done as an apartment can  be in the life of “a creative” – the morning of the photo shoot Caroline and I painted her bedroom lampshades purple.) I am so excited to share it with you.

Why? Well, aside from the fact that its beautiful, it’s a space that reflects its owner, through and through. And I like to see that, and I like to share that with you too.

In addition to having the space professionally photographed – thank you very much to Shirley Serure, who did a PHENOMENAL job, you can’t even tell that it was the gloomiest day ever- Caroline and I played dress up. I mean, can you really walk into a fashion designer’s place and not go through her closet and try on her clothes? No, no you can’t.  So, I ask your forgiveness in advance for marginally cheesy to extremely cheesy photos, but really, we were just having fun. And it was super fun.

In addition, I asked Caroline a few questions about what makes her tick, where her inspiration comes from, etc etc…

Ok… enough shpeil! Here are the photos and interview and you can click through the gallery to see even more shots! ENJOY!

Caroline is wearing pants from her Spring 2012 collection(it will be on her site soon), and I am wearing a vintage leather dress from my Mom. And I hope its not lost on you that we are matching the bench- is it? (Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

1. What was your inspiration for the apartment?
Nicole was with me for a few of my purchases. There was no cohesiveness at all I just bought whatever I loved, and hoped it came together well. In the end I think it came together nicely. It’s a place I love to be which is the most important thing.

(Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

2. What was the first thing you bought? 

The first thing I bought was the Essey Grand Illusion table. I love it so much! There is something so glamorous and fun about it, which is basically the aesthetic I was going for in this apartment.

 The Pièce de résistance in the apartment, the floral settee. You know I googled, cut and pasted to get all the accents right on that one right? (Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

3. What is your favorite piece?

My favorite piece in the apt has to be the multi color settee, it ties the whole apartment together. Nicole was with me when I bought  it, everyone was like “It’s cool, but what are you going to  doing with it??” Again it didn’t make sense but I purchased it cause I just loved it, and now it’s a piece that I know I will have forever.

(I admit, I was totally skeptical. But I WAS the one who made her put it in the window!)

Caroline picked up the tufted orange chair in Williamsburg. The Chanel lamp is from the NYIGF. Melvin Sokolsky photos were a gift from Caroline’s grandmother.(Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

4. What is your least favorite?

The piece I like the least in my apartment would probably be my side table. It’s just plain nickel with a mirrored top, but it serves it’s purpose.

 Fake tea anyone? Cheeseball factor is high here, I know… But fun? (Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

5. What mistakes, if any, did you make? 

I kinda regret painting my room white. I love it cause its crisp and clean, but sometimes I wish it was a color or wallpapered. I’ll probably end up painting it.

Setting the table for y’all. (Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

6. How do you see the relationship between fashion and design?

 To me fashion and design are both about expressing yourself. While I don’t think everyone who loves fashion loves design and visa versa, I do think if you are creative you can appreciate both.

Don’t you love how Caroline uses the same silverware in two different colors? Makes her already glam and girly place setting THAT much more special. Steal that idea, people. (Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

7. How do you  see your fashion sense reflected in your design?
I think both my fashion sense and my design style are  both very feminine but  also edgy. This is definitely reflected in my apartment design.
(I think Caroline’s apartment and personal style both lean towards the feminine while I always choose the masculine edge… interesting, isn’t it?)

You can see the turquoise chandy in this pic. (Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

8. Who are your style role models? Who are your design role models?
My 3 Style roll models are: Giovanna Battaglia- She has great style and she stands out. Iris Apfel- She is 90 has her own impeccable style and still gets dressed up everyday. Daphne Guinness- I like the fact that she has reinvented herself.
My 3 design role models are: My Aunt Marilyn- Everything she touches has style. Kelly Wearstler- I admire how funky she is and how she has transitioned from interior designer to fashion designer. Nick Olsen- I met him at the Rue launch party with Nicole. He designs outside the box, and that is why I love to call him when I am debating if I should buy something or not.

Guess where caroline got that long TV unit? IKEA! By customizing and using half glass panels and half lacquer, as well as covering both with one long piece of custom glass, she totally made it look like one expensive piece!

(Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

9.  Describe yourself in 3 words… 
Hmmmm…. Loyal, Impatient, Genuine

 We aren’t tweedle-dee and twiddle-dum! We are wearing a classic Caroline Hedeya print! We both agree that the dress I am wearing (and now own- thank you!)  is one of our favorite CH pieces ever. I think we need to reissue it for Spring 2012? PS, Caroline cut those shoulders off herself. 

(Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

10. What can’t you live without?
Traveling! It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy, just as long as I get to experience something different and exciting.

A four poster, simple side tables and a custom bench. I SWEAR that luggage(a gift from her grandmother) was there when I walked in 2 days before the shoot! She was packing and I said, WE NEED to leave this out for the pictures!  Also, note the eggplant lamp shades! Still wet. 

(Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

11. What is your favorite style secrets/ design tricks?

 I think my trick is I only buy what I love, and so I don’t have tons but what I do have I use to death and have for years.

(I can attest to that, Caroline keeps her wardrobe lean and mean. If she doesn’t love it, its not in there… where as we all know I hoard things… makes it harder to do anything, including getting dressed, because you have to wade through so much crap to find something good!)

Caroline’s mirrored  vanity. I LOVE that slipper chair. 

(Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

12. Who influences your aesthetic?

I am very inspired by unique and creative people. I am also inspired by people who find something they love to do and run with it. It is one thing to say you want to do something and it is another to actually do it. So congratulations Nicole for making something that was just a hobby in the beginning in to a full time career.

A more masculine console grounds the space.

(Photos by Shirley Serure Photography for Sketch 42)

 13. Name three things every woman should have?
 A vanity, even if its just the West Elm parsons table, there is something so feminine about it. Personal photographs…Either in frames on the walls, as a kid my mom made collages on the refrigerator doors. Fresh flowers, even if it’s the tiniest bouquet, it makes such a difference to a room.
Thank you Caroline for sharing your space with us! And for dressing up with me! What a fun day!
I hope you all enjoy the tour… and all the new programming going on here at Sketch42!
I’m working my ass off to make this blog a place you want to be!
For more photos you can click through and see the gallery and you can learn more about Caroline HERE.
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  1. This was a lovely fun,happy, and warm piece. Did Caroline say where she got that fab rug? All of the work that went into that settee, was so worth it…it is the show-stopper of the room. Well Done!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      The rug is a Madelyn Wienrib from ABC… or “maddy” as all the employees there refer to her. If you go to their basement, you can grab the flat weaves on sale all the time! Thats a little NYC trick for ya!

  2. LOVE it. The printed settee is amazing and you look great!

  3. Gorgeous, I love her dining room table. And what a view.
    Is it just me or does it have hints, just hints of Jill Zarin!?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      OMG! You have a CRAZY good eye! She lives in the same building, so all the finishes, floors, windows, even layout is similar! CRAZY. Plus they both have a champagne colored sectional in the exact same spot.

  4. Albertina says:

    I really enjoyed this piece! Very different and interesting because of the many angles you covered: interior design, fashion, social. Congrats :)

  5. Absolutely loved this feature. Her place is amazing! And love seeing pictures of you girls!

  6. YOU SO PRETTY!!!!!!
    and I love all the purples and pinks. so glam.


  7. Pretty girls on a pretty sofa! Gorgeous view … inside & out :)

  8. Simone says:

    Nicole, this piece is amazing! Kudos to Caroline, whose apt is mag! And of course Shirley for those shots! Love eveytging about it
    Ps-picked up that floral dress by Caroline last year and it’s my fav too!

  9. LOVE her place and you commentary!
    You two are adorable together.
    And that pink leather dress! Baby weight, what baby weight?!
    xo xo

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Still have 5 pounds to go to get back to normal! But thank you!!!

  10. LOVE her bar cart. And the whole apartment has such gorgeous, calming colors without being too neutral. Great post!

  11. love this post. i love her apt and the personal story with it about your friendship. people always tell me be more personal with my own blog, and I think, “who wants to see or read that?” But, it does truly make a post more interesting.
    i’ll be in NY next week for a quick visit. Where is a really special place I should have lunch? I’ll be by myself, so it needs to be a place where it would be comfortable to do so. I would love your suggestion!
    Thanks, Teri

  12. This blog *is* such a great place to be! Love the personal aspect of this post.

  13. Sarah vL says:

    Love!! And I completely agree with Emily – this blog really IS such a great place to be! Thank you for putting so much work and energy into it – i love it! :)

  14. Casey says:

    Nic- you have done it again. Always a place I want to be. Such a fun post!!

  15. I loved this feature, so glam. Where did she get the bar cart?

  16. claudy says:

    LOVE everything about this post!! gorgeous apartment, photos and clothes

  17. Stunning!! The clothes, the whole apartment, wow! Gorgeous! Lavender is such a feminine yet sophisticated color. xx-Jackie

  18. Jaclyn sitt says:

    This spread looks like it’s straight out of a magazine

  19. What a stylish space! Everything from the tufted orange chair to the mismatched flatware- loved it all!

  20. What a great future! I love how you fused together interiors, fashion, and a personal touch! Very interesting and visually stunning!

  21. I love the tufted orange chair!

  22. Thank you all so much!!

  23. Diane M. says:

    Gorgeous! You two make the space even more beautiful! BTW, I have to know what IKEA item made that awesome TV stand? :)

    • Diane M. says:

      Oh, I just found it on IKEA’s website, it’s BESTA item 098.945.47, thanks!

  24. Nati K says:

    Beautiful apt and beautiful girls! Loved it

  25. fantastic apartment… fantastic post…
    more of this!

  26. MMish says:

    love this post!!!

  27. Absolutely fabulous!! What a great idea to use splashes of purple throughout the house. So fun and glam!!


    Jamie Herzlinger

  28. Vivian N says:

    caroline- your apartment came out amazing!!!
    nicole- great post!
    you guys look stunning!

  29. ASchwek says:

    You guys look gorgeous! the apt is amazing the settee is my favorite part too

  30. SARAH says:

    great pictures, shirley did a grt job. love the purple bench and the turqoise beaded chandeliar. u guys look grt

  31. WOW Nicole!!! So glamourous and chic…Fantastic post.

  32. Love that you are adding new features, Nicole. Any chance you can tell me what that fabulous china is? I want it!!

  33. Gorgeous apartment! How did you go about painting her lampshades? I am planning on painting my dining room shades a peacock blue.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      We used acrylic paint and a sponge brush… worked great! I wanted to add a coat of varnish but we didn’t get to it.

  34. Britt says:

    love this! Okay- where are those gorgeous plates and place mats from? Also- do you know who designed the table?

  35. Danielle says:

    where are the lamps from in the bedroom? lamp works?


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