Design Manifest’s Pad + My Art Installed.

OH. EM. GEE. Seriously, jaw dropped when I saw Naomi’s apartment on Design Sponge yesterday. Ya see, Niomi commissioned a painting from me last year, back when I was 9 months pregnant- hers may have been the last piece I did before the baby was born!

Anyway, her place is finally all pulled together and magazine worthy and she emailed me to tell me about the house tour and that my work would be posted! How awesome of her.

Seriously my dear Niomi, you did an AMAZING job. Colorful, but just the perfect amount. DIY’ed but not crafty.Inexpensive, but not cheap. My congrats to you!

Here it is! The custom piece I made for Niomi last year:

( Just so you know: It took like 4-5 failed 9 month pregnant frenzied painting on the floor attempts to finally produce this piece!)

Niomi and her dad are a father-daughter team that design and renovate houses! Her apartment was done on the super-cheap, and the house tour, as well as her blog, are chock full of amazing ikea hacks, design scores and DIY ideas.


Check out the original post(there are a ton more photos!) on Design Sponge HERE, and Niomi’s blog HERE.

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  1. Thanks, Nicole!! I’m totally flattered by your description. And I love my painting. Thanks for creating it- pregnancy brain and all.

  2. What a beautiful apartment – the white backdrop to the different accents of colour, pattern and materials. Very sophisticated yet livable.
    Love the painting, what medium did you use?
    Thank you for posting, a great inspiration!

  3. just amazing, love her place, and your artwork looks fabulous in it

  4. Lauren says:

    I wish I had guts to use this much color in my apartment! That blue wall!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      its not that much color… look at the photos of the entire house, its very balanced. You can do it!

  5. Absolutely ADORE Naomi’s home- so layered and full of character…your painting is perfection in her space!

  6. I absolutely love this house!!!

  7. I was just over at Naomis blog and was thinking to myself that I love this piece and how fun to find out it’s by you!


  8. awesome painting nic!

  9. This is exactly what Lina needs! I sent her this link.
    Your work is fab everywhere!
    xo xo

  10. holy CRAP! So wicked, nic; seriously amazing! cannot wait to check out the rest of her so well done place. your art, as always, looks beautiful. xo

  11. I love her place. Congrats on getting your painting featured!


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