Chez Bachelor: Room One, in which I paint walls.



Do you remember the moodboard for a bachelor I posted a few weeks ago? Well, in record time, I managed to put together the first 2 rooms…

Room number 1:

A Keith Haring meets Kelly Wearstler inspired wall painting, on the four walls of the foyer. Made by YOURS TRULY. When I first saw KW’s staircase I kinda thought it was crazy… but then it grew on  me, and grew on me, until I decided I loved it. And was totally inspired by it. So I did my own little take on it. This apartment was the perfect place to do something fun like this… not serious… but cool. My goal was fun apartment meets cool apartment… I mean, WHY NOT?!?! If not a single dude living alone, THEN WHO?

SO, yes, I actually had the nerve to take black paint to white walls. Yes, yes I did. But lets start at the beginning, last monday when the walls were still bandaid beige and none of this existed:

Nothing special about bandaids now… is there?

First I decided to have all the walls painted white and the doors painted black.

Step 1: White walls, black doors:

WHEW! Now thats better… Painting doors a color, or black, is a great trick. Do it. 

Step 2: Hand Painting:

Then, using black paint, the same paint we used for the door, I took brush to wall. I actually started in a corner, figuring it would take me a while to get my mojo going… I used an incredibly LITTLE amount of paint, very dry brushed for the first run and then I went over it with a second thicker coat later on. At first I was SO NERVOUS, I was just going to paint the whole room black if I screwed up!

Then I got down and dirty, climbing a ladder and going at that wall free hand. PLEASE ignore the COLLEGE JEANS and love handles. The worst part about this is that I wore these, not to paint, to SOCIALIZE who knows how many times. How big is my butt? Ugh… hair is in a bun… its getting serious!

It only took a few hours, but can I tell you that it was the most fun I ever had at work? EVER.

Step 3: Styling.

Then I worked on styling. I knew I wanted everything to be SUPER SIMPLE… for two reasons: 1. I didn’t want the apartment to look like a carnival, and 2. thats what I believe in now. Simplicity.

The parsons table is from Bungalow 5, the mirror is from Cb2, the lamp is a Tom Dixon look alike I nabbed downtown and the bowl is from Conran Shop. The print is the same print I have as my iPhone cover. The frames are from West Elm.

I chose to use framed prints instead of paintings because I felt like the prints with the black frames and matts brought order, where as another chaotic painting on top of the painting didn’t feel right to me. And the color is the perfect pop on all that B&W.

Down yonder in the adjoining dining room I used a round tulip table, 4 chairs from Design Legacy, the best thing West Elm ever put out… that chandelier and a green vase from West Elm. That room is still waiting for an awesome piece of art… maybe some photography?

And… lets look at that first picture one more time:

My heart skips a beat from excitement when I see this… 

Where we are standing looking at this view is where the couch, rug and coffee table are going.. We are still waiting on our AWESOME green couch…so we have to wait a little longer for the Living Room reveal…

The foyer could still use a basket or something under the table(to kinda hide the wire… remember my treatise on wires!), and maybe a small rug… lets see where we go with that!

I have to say, this was the most fun project I EVER worked on… mostly because said bachelor is SO NICE, and he liked the initial moldboard and was happy to let me execute it. Its not usually that way people… its really not ever actually that way…

And there we go… Super Fun!

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  1. Nicole, it’s freaking AWESOME! And yeah, that lighting is probably the best thing West Elm ever did. Come paint my walls, please?!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I swear, and Im not lying, I will do this wall treatment anywhere any time. Best, most FUN day of work of my entire life… next time I am Israel, you are IN!

  2. MMish says:

    Love it!! I would have a panic attack over painting the foyer. I’m buying the chandelier right now.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      You should. I am contemplating buying one and keeping it in storage for my next apartment. Its SO GOOD.

  3. rocks really, really hard. wonderful.

  4. Albertina says:


  5. Absolutely love the way it turned out!

  6. ho-ly ish! I’m loving this nicole!!!

  7. YES, you finally shared it with everyone!! I LOVE this, it is so fun and young and just awesome!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Ha! I did those walls a week ago today! Feels like Ive been sitting on these pics FOR-EV-ER!!!

  8. Seriously, those walls are unbelievably amazing.

  9. amazing! I love it!

  10. ASchwek says:

    That foyer is absolutely amazing ur so brave! and I die for that chandelier wish I had somewhere to put it

  11. AH-MAY-ZING!!!!! I’d feel dead and in heaven if that was my foyer- absolutey ADORE it and you are right- that WE chandy is perfection! Love it all.

  12. MMish says:

    We should all buy the chandelier now before its too late and we regret it! Its on sale $239

  13. Cool beans…digging this mucho.
    Cheers, Alcira

  14. Michelle says:

    What a statement foyer! Lucky bachelor! Love the black door too!

  15. Nicole this is truly a masterpiece! Can’t WAIT to see the rest of this. Lucky guy!

  16. DUDE. If I walked into this guy’s place after a date, and saw THIS for the first time, he’s definitely getting to second base. But YOU scored a serious home run with this, Nic! BADASS. I love love love it; I showed D the Wearstler version a couple months ago and was all “you think we could try this sometime?!” He wasn’t crazy about it… and not that I am an artist my ANY stretch… but maybe if I show him your version, he’ll fly you out and we can have YOU do it! ;) Amazing job. xo

  17. melanie says:

    WOW! Amazing!!!!!

  18. I LOVE it! The entryway turned out amazing! I can’t wait to see the living room once it’s completed!

  19. awesomeness, nicole.

  20. i LOVE it!

  21. angela says:

    wow it looks great! Amazing how different the space looks.
    and shut up about how you look! Your a lil hottie girl!

    ps. that chandelier isnt on sale anymore :-s

  22. Laura says:

    this apartment looks unbelievable! i love the walls, that chandelier and those chairs! Cant wait to see the green couch

  23. this bachelor will get married to a fashionista after your makeover!!!

  24. WOW Look at that Super Chic! Love the black Doors X Samie

  25. ReneeB says:

    Wow! Love it…and you look great!!!!

  26. Marielle says:

    im really obsessed~

  27. LOVE it.

    How much light does the West Elm put out…I’ve been eyeing it, but need something that actually gives off light.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Hey, Thanks! I used 3- 60 watt bulbs… pretty bright!

  28. You make this look easy….that is how talented you are!

  29. Wow what a transformation! It’s so inspired. LOVE it!

  30. Cara says:

    What is the white wall color?? Love it.

  31. This is seriously insane awesome. I don’t make the blog rounds like I used to but it’s my birthday today and I thought I’d pop over with a latte. You certainly never fail to delight Nicole! xo

  32. wow! I’m a little late to the game here, I’m in awe. Great job- gutsiest move I ever saw.

  33. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

  34. Girl that is SICK! Love it! And you look hot, shut up already

  35. Freaking awesome.Kelly Wearstler, move over!!! Love the butt, stop with hangups, hahaha !!

  36. AMAZing job on painting the wall (the spaces are gorg as well). MAD props lady!!



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