Banded China: The look for less.

You guys know how I am obsessed with Haviland China, and wish I bought it when I got married and had credits at various stores etc, and how I will have it one day (my husband actually made this deal with me last year: cook x number of times, and he would be HAPPY to buy me the china. I failed.) Anyway…

West Elm just came out with these banded desert plates, and they are dead ringers, in a more pastel, french macaroon kinda way. I haven’t seen them in person yet, but they look great in the pictures. I wish they came as a full set… but I feel like the desert plate is a great size for appetizers before a meal and dessert later on… Plus you could always layer it with another dinner plate.

They are on sale now for $6! So I think it would be prudent to pick up about 20-30. A wise friend of mine told me to always have a simple cheap dish in service for 30 at your house. You never know when you might be having a party… and mixing and matching dishes (unless intentionally and artfully done) is just so déclassé, darling. I sound like the countess Luann, now, don’t I?

So, as far as I am concerned, the question is: all the colors as a set, or just all black?

Buy them HERE.


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  1. Julie says:

    I say, knowing you (because I stalk your blog several times a day), you should go with all black, baby.

  2. I would do all black. However, Z Galleries also has similar plates in the prettiest pale blue and lavender.


    Rebecca June

  3. MMish says:

    all black

  4. littlebadwolf says:

    next, nicole, shoot for a dozen or two of an all-over patterned salad plate which can coordinate with the dessert plates. soon you will build a service which can be swapped out at any occasion and always look fresh on the table.

  5. Lauren says:

    I like the black or white.

  6. I think if I bring anymore dishes into our apartment my husband will go all Greek on my ass and start breaking them on the floor (and he’s not even Greek). I might have to have these sent to my office and bring them home one at a time so he doesnt notice.

  7. Albertina says:

    all colors! because then you can use them all in a large party or just use the white and black or the pastel ones in smaller dinners/parties…..and they would feel like totally different sets! The price is good….go for 24!


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