A Naughty Little Nook.

This desk/console, whatever you want to call it… (my husband’s grandmother had THIS EXACT PIECE in her living room since the 70’s- NO JOKE!) by Jonathan Adler, but specifically in this room byLee Kleinhelter of PIECES and published by Lonny way back when, really truly does it for me.

The uneven black and white stripes, the burl wood, the lucite, the simple mirror hung off center and balanced with a white lamp… I freaking LOVE, love, LOVE, love, LOVE everything about this. I guess you could say, I love it to PIECES? Hardy har har…

Want to copy it in my next project. ASAP. Like now. Like yesterday. In fact, maybe I will!



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  1. Thx Nicole. Glad you like! Big fans of your blog & work. Happy Monday:)

  2. What happened to your husbands Grandmothers piece? Does she still have it?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      She passed away last year at almost 97! One of her daughters has her house now… I want to make sure no one throws away that piece!

  3. ASchwek says:

    That table! I’m obsessed! Its Jonathan Adler? I need it now

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    Yes! It is.