The Smith, Midtown.

New Restaurant Alert!  I don’t usually cover new restaurants, unless, you guessed it, I dig the decor.

The uptown offshoot of  “East Village American comfort food/bistro spot The Smith opened to the public this Saturday in a gigantic new space complete with subway tiles, liquor walls, and a shoe shine in the bathroom.”  They also have a photo booth in the bathroom, which happens to be co-ed.

Imagine Im walking around mid-town east, looking at casual and totally non fancy NY city buildings when one day OUT OF NOWHERE, this appears:

BAM! Its like someone took Badgley Mischka’s dream of a kitchen and turned it into and ENTIRE BUILDING. How could you not notice this white gleaming crispy gem in a sea of midtown east banality?

Inside, there is over 10,00 Sq ft of subway tiled walls with black/gray grout please, cafe chairs and ceilings of wood, bars made of of zinc, black casement windows…

Its cafe, bistro heaven. 

I was totally digging the in house seltzer.  A WALL of seltzer making:

Love the nautical lighting, you can get yourself some of that heaven with these sconces HERE.

So how was the food? I’m not the right person to ask, because I don’t eat 80% of the things on the menu, but what I had was yummy.  It scored 8 out of ten points for being cool and uptown ( We uptowners always looking for fun places to go out uptown on lazy nights, because as you know when you live in NYC, sometimes leaving a ten block radius is too much.) 1 point for homemade and endless seltzer (I mentioned this 3x, yes I have a problem with carbonation) and another hundred points for the casement windows. So all together 100+8+1= 109 on a scale from 1-10. Want a normal person’s perspective? When we walked out my husband said to me “It was very cool and all, and the food was good, but doesn’t it feel a little like we were eating in a bathroom?” Well, yes honey. A very cool and awesome bathroom.

Menu/Address/Hours HERE. Photos from HERE.

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  1. MMish says:

    love it, so true about being uptown and lazy nights. we need more options!

  2. What a cool place. Your husbands reaction is hilarious. Gotta love when our guys put a literal translation to our obsessions.

  3. in midtown??? totally impressed.

  4. Marielle says:

    Hahaha ababa David!!

  5. Marielle says: