Read my interview on West Elm’s blog!

Front & Main, West Elm’s blog, interviewed me a few weeks ago, AND THEY FINALLY POSTED IT!

YAY. Go check it out… its nothing you don’t know already (if you follow this blog, you know my every waking thought) but still… its a little bit of a moment for me. So go support! HERE.


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  1. Aw, loved it! Also you better get a move on with this beach house so it can be ready next summer! Then we can do Camp Nicole on the Jersey shore :)

  2. I just devoured it. You look gorg in the pic!

  3. How fun! Going to read it right now!

  4. Tried to comment over there, but don’t think it worked. You’re always so good at what you do, Nicole!

  5. beach house? are you holding out on me?

    the interview was fantastic. really. you come across like the sweet, generous, down to earth person you are.

    and i am not just saying that bc you spoke highly of MFAMB. but i am grateful for that.


  6. anon says:

    I like your makeup in the top picture!