Petit h Hermes

Did you know Hermes was using their scraps and defective materials, materials like crocodile hides and such, to make new cute little  objets d’art?

I didnt until the NYTimes Style Mag told me so this weekend… (Speaking of this weekend, it was the Jewish Holidays… sorry for the lack of posts!)

Apparently, they take Birkin throw aways and making one of a kind (or nearly one of a kind) handmade curiosities.

Lets see what we got eh?

YES! This is so freakin adorable.

I would NOT say no. 

Apparently its made of bathtowels… Ikea Malm hack anyone?

Honestly, that thing is gorgeous. Really, seriously a work of art. 

Paper weight? Pet rock?

(Crocodile coffee cup sleeve. One of life’s little luxuries. All kidding aside, I know a few people who would really dig their own leather coffee sleeve. Like how japanese folk each have their own chopsticks.)


(Its a puzzle!)

Most of this stuff looks like it belongs in Richie Rich’s nursery, but I must say… its pretty damned cute. Like shouldnt Prince William & Kate Middleton’s future kiddos have a Birkin scrap-made panda in their playroom? No? How bout the camel?

I must say, I have been in mad love with these Sandy Vohr leather animal bookends for years, so Im not surprised this Petit h  appeals to me:


Considering that I never wanted to spend the $150 it costs to buy these for my kids (although I think it is a SUPER adorable baby gift), I dont think there is an Hermes menagerie in my future. But if you want an affordable way to get the look, there you go.

As for Petit h, in November 2,200 objects will be on sale in the new NYC flagship store. That’s going to make for a fun blog post!


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  1. S.D. says:

    Amazing.. Love everything! Not to mention the whole idea behind it..recycling lux leathers turned art always a plus ;)

  2. Nicki I think it is all adorable!! Very creative and as an artist I can see your attraction to these unique pieces.


    Art by Karena

  3. Are you getting those bunny bookends for the nursery? Just went to the website, that some cute stuff and the prices are cheap.

  4. Henriëtte says:

    The animals like the Panda, camel, the donkey and little deer are done by dutch artist Marjolijn Mandersloot. Aren’t they amazing!!! I love her work.

  5. Anibal Armenta says:

    J’adore le Donkey de Shrek, c’était pas lui, hein ?Bisous poulette et chouette w-e à vous !


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