Opposites Attract Us.

I’ve always hated black leather sofas, the hallmark of the bachelor particularly in all its mammoth sectional glory, its usually the first thing out the door before the white linen sofette moves in. But I’m having a change of heart. See below.

We know I have a penchant for the masculine, but the black leather sofa was on my furniture shit list. And yes, I have one of those. But this photo, along with others have convinced me that perhaps I was too rash. The black leather sofa can be sexy and seductive… And also, heres a little fashion/decor rule of thumb: never say never(except to kitten heels!), everything you thought was hideous will one day be the utmost in taste. WHY? Well, thats how they keep you buying things! But also, think of when you first heard Britney Spears’s Toxic. Wasn’t it simply electrifying and so interesting sounding? WELL now it sounds so tired and common (maybe not right at this moment cause its been given time to breath and now we can appreciate it again). Its cause you are used to it, it seems slower somehow.And did you notice that the more you liked it the first time you heard it, the faster you get sick of it? Same with the visual arts. Things get stale looking, so the polar opposite, formally unattractive things become attractive. Sometimes reframing something you thought was ugly in a new way makes it totally exciting. Like this black leather sofa. It on its own is not my favorite, but in the room, I totally dig it. Masculine, simple, sexy is the antidote to all things Domino circa 2008. Ugly/pretty is the new pretty.



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  1. Marielle says:

    Vert sexy

  2. Marielle says:

    Just like you!

  3. I never thought I could get into a black leather sofa, but you have me convinced with this one too!

  4. I’m interested to know what else is on your furniture shit list.

  5. This happens to me all the time! More recently with burgundy and red. I’ve NEVER liked red and ALWAYS hated burgundy. And now I can’t get enough. I live by the ‘never say never’ motto and it seems to keep me a little more open-minded about it all!

  6. So true! So true! The things I grow to love, I love longer than the things I die for instantly. Funny creatures aren’t we. Great post!