Gram’s House.

I went to Grandma’s house in Jersey for the weekend, I know Ive posted a billion times before… but still. Here are some photos from my Insta feed. 

More HERE.  And you can live this stuff with me in real time by following my Twitter, even if you don’t have insta. Im an instagram obsessed freak. I admit it.

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  1. I will never tire of your grandmother’s home!

  2. Complete awesomeness! Some of the fabrics remind me of my Mother (I’m 54!) and our Bermuda home back in the day. We all originate from Monmouth County in the Little Silver,Rumson,Fair Haven area but moved to Bermuda in the 60’s. Came back to visit every August…reminiscent.

  3. Every time you post Gram’s house I am obsessed. It makes me happy to see her style and well taken care of home.

  4. amazing! it must have been amazing spending time there as a kid (as much as now I bet!)

  5. ridiculous.

  6. Your grandma’s house is insanely good!

  7. Love your grandma’s house! I mean, she’s got some great taste! I love those curtains and the windows in the last photo. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Albertina says:

    Gorgeous!! I love the fabric of the lime green sofas…..What a lady!

  9. Her living room is seriously off the hook…she is such a genius at mixing fabrics and textures! What year did she decorate her house? It needs to be in a magazine stat.

  10. i am drooling. seriously. gram has wicked good taste.

  11. seriously …unbelievable. it would be magic to visit.

  12. laura callias says:

    Where I Jersey? What a beautiful home filled with treasures…