DIY of the Day: Holiday Ruffle Ribbon Collar.

Ummmmm…. this is awesome if I do say so myself. So, Im done with the bracelet making, now on to neck wear! I haven’t stopped wearing sequin collar since I got it, so I figured I needed to get another one into rotation….

So I made this:

Here’s How:

You will need:

Felt, or fabric, I used the round dish liner felt pads.

1.5 yards of 2.25″  chromespun grosgrain ribbon, in your favorite color of the season.

1 yard of smaller .5″  silk satin ribbon. 

Needle, thread and scissors.

Step 1:

Cut out the backing for your collar. I used the bottom of a 10″ round plate liner.

Step 2:

Stitch the ribbon onto the felt, you only need one stitch. Fold over the ribbon, make another stitch. Keep repeating it until you reach the end of the felt. Tie a knot behind the felt and cut your thread. 

(This collar was made just for the purpose of showing you how, since I already made the green one. Sometimes I don’t know if things are going to be blogworthy until they are done. Any how, in this case, I used white thread to show you where the stitches are, but you should match your thread to your ribbon.)

Step 3:

Take your thin ribbon and sew one end between the felt and the ribbon. You just secure it to the felt behind the ribbon. DONT CUT THE OTHER SIDE. Sew the other side to the other end of the collar. You have enough ribbon to make a bow around your neck with the loops and you don’t need to worry about fraying edges.


(Sequin clutch from Zara, you know you want it.HERE.)

And there you go. Easy Peasy. So cute. Perfect for dressing up basic outfits during fall. I cheated, cause Im sold on anything emerald green these days.

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  1. So hot, I’ve got to make one in every color ribbon I have now!

  2. That’s such a fun DIY! Great for the upcoming holidays…

  3. Albertina says:

    Looks Fab!! It would be cute with some sequence or sparkly added in also. I liked the crew cuts bib you posted on the other day….hhmmmm….will look into it:) Thank goodness they have crew cuts here. Yes, I do want that Zara clutch, you are right!


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