Collars: I heart it/I hate it.

Im back with another edition of Heart it/Hate it, and right before Yom Kippur too. Maybe this is bad karma?

Removable collars and neck gear in general are huge this season… literally and figuratively.

In any case, you would think I would prefer a fur collar to an Elizabethan style collar any day… but NOPE.

The feather fur ribbon thing looks so cheap to me, and the pleated collar looks elegant and expensive. Ladylike but also cheeky. White feathers? So not me.

I dunno…. Cate Blanchet makes anything look good, but could I pull it off?


Maybe Im a wacko. Who knows. Funny thing is, the pleated Carven collar is $140 HERE, and the Miu Miu feather thing is $730, HERE.



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