Bookcase in Blue.

This room, from this view, is absolutely magical. The aqua floor, the floor to ceiling bookcases in peacock blue, and the wall of glass casement windows inside the house… with the square panes echoing the squares of the bookcase and then on top of all that, the  beamed ceiling… its wow.

When in doubt, repeat some feature of a room twice. A shape, a color, a texture….repetition makes the point loud and clear. In this case, its blue, and its square. Even the double doors on the right of the room have square panes, and look above the door between the bookcase…more of them. Commit to an idea and it will usually turn out OK!

Photo is a Madrid apartment belonging to stylist Jaime Lacasa, via Honestly WTF.

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  1. Casey says:

    OMG this is amazing.

  2. albertina says:

    Awesome apartment. Yes, LOVE the bookcase. Daring but he pulled it off. The guy is the owner of different stores in Madrid, men’s and women’s.

  3. Marielle says: