Where Design Blahg Blahgs.

I always talk about Erica around here… Erica and I did this, Erica and I did that…. Erica Reitman, the writer of Design Blahg and Effed in Park Slope, and I met over a year ago when she asked me to participate in a “Where I Blahg” series… Now we are like BFF. No really. B.F.F.

Then Erica introduced me to Susan and Will, The Brinsons of House of Brinson. They throw awesome parties, bring you home made jams when they come over, teach you how to stretch canvas, and are generally super awesome. Susan is an art director and Will is a photographer. Maybe the best photographer I’ve ever met. His photos are so rich and deep that they look like paintings.(His portfolio is HERE. I am currently begging him to take photos of my kids, but he doesnt take pictures of kids apparently. Boo.)

Anyway, this post is a Brinson/Reitman collaboration. Erica, Susan and Will teamed up to style and shoot these amazing photos of Erica’s place.

I’m enamored with Erica’s apartment and Will’s photography:

How mind bogglingly gorgeous are these photos? And how cool is Erica’s place?!?!

Im a huge believer in design bloggers walking the walk in addition to talking the talk. If you are going to write a blog and talk about how awesome your taste is, I would love to see something you designed, I want to see where and how you live. Im not into the caginess that some people have about that… I think every design blogger should publish their home and work, first because its so damned interesting to see where other people live, and second because it lends to their credibility as bloggers!

Also… Erica has multiple Sketch42 paintings! The one in the second photo is my Dog Eared Graffiti piece!

You should really head over to House of Brinson right now to read the interview with Erica, HERE.


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  1. I don’t know, I heard your kids are cute, I may be warming up to the idea:)

  2. Could not agree with you more. If you are going to cast judgements on others you best be putting your own work out there for review.

    Erica’s place is gorgeous – thanks for sharing.

  3. Now we gotta get one of those BFF necklaces and I’ll take one half and you can take the other. Next DIY project? :)

    Thanks for this amazingly rad post. I had so much fun decorating our place, but unfortunately, it’s only 690 sft so when you’re done, you’re really done.

    Will’s pics, as per u, made everything look amazing.

  4. Must. Have. That. Couch. Now!

  5. Holy Moley…that is one sweet apartment! I need the art in the first photo-it’s like kismet for the eyes. Yup, design blahgers have to show there homes and walk the walk. It really does authenticate.
    Erica has amazing taste and style.Photographer is da bomb diggity.
    Now, let me go craigslist everything in my apartment and stat over!

  6. Marielle says:

    absolutely love this flat! i see your badass painting on the wall… SICK!

  7. This is really lovely! I love the brown/yellow combo. And the bedroom peek was tantalizing! Can you source her bedframe/headboard? ~Melissa

    • We actually got the bed from overstock, but it was 3 years ago at this point so it’s no longer avail! The couch we got at a killer sale at ABC Carpet and it’s our favorite piece of furniture by far. I can’t imagine ever not having it in our place. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

  8. gorgeous. jealous of your stylish and tasteful NYC blogger club.

    and yes i agree, i love to see into other blogger’s homes/projects- so many of us are very talented, why not share?

  9. jerseygirl says:

    Nicole, I couldn’t agree with you more about bloggers homes! This has been my beef with bloggers for a while. They become “experts” in the eyes of uniformed readers and the reality is they are not. I won’t name names but when bloggers get to the level of writing for national publications about design and their own home is an embarassment and they have not designed homes for others…I question those publications decisions…it’s a joke! And how about those people blogging about french design…and they’ve never been to France?!?!? I mean…WTF? I could go on and on and on….

  10. Holy smokes Batman, *love it*. And the art? Fab!

    On the design bloggers thing, I don’t know what to say…it’s just so true. I have seen a design bloggers home or 2 and I gotta say, they were pretty mediocre and they were all about “the cobbler’s son has no shoes” but you know what……….I don’t buy it. It’s not a question of money, it’s a question of taste. I don’t think you have to go to school to be a designer or a design author, but I do think you have to have talent demonstrated in real life, not just the virtual world. It’s all too easy to troll the internet and pick out pretty things.

  11. She has amazing artwork!
    And it really looks unique; she doesn’t have the cookie cutter design blogger style, it’s something new and fresh.

  12. eh. i could go either way with seeing other bloggers’ homes. sure, i LOVE to see them, but you’re not necessarily going to lose credibility with me if you don’t show it. our spaces are personal. some just don’t like having it out there for the world to see.