Lots of stuff.

Last week, I informed you all that I am going minimalist. Removing all the extra stuff in my apartment that I dont really love. If it was a leftover from my first apartment, a sample or anything that doesnt meet my top notch standards it’s getting out. Butttt, then I saw these few rooms and I realized I still really do love visual clutter. A lot. So basically, I love clutter, but I am resolute in my decision to de-clutter. Because I have 2 kids now, and they have a lot of stuff, and I have a lot of stuff, and basically, there is just all around too much stuff. Also, and I know this is sad and dumb, but I have an absurd urge to chuck everything in the apartment and start over. Its totally not going to happen. But I wish.

Anyway, enjoy these photos, because even if you dont love to LIVE in a room with tons of stuff, those rooms make for very pretty pictures. And speaking of pictures, my poor, beloved G11 camera broke. As in, its in pieces. I guess thats what carrying something with you everywhere (especially the beach) for 2 years, will do to a camera. Any advice on a new one anyone? 

Kristen Buckingham

 M Design Interiors 

 M Design Interiors Photos via The Zhush

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  1. It’s not clutter, it’s layering! That’s my story anyway.
    I love my little Sony Cyber Shot, though with the iPad and iPhone you can get great pics for what we do. xo xo

  2. Came across this recently: fashion bloggers reveal their cameras of choice http://racked.com/archives/2011/08/27/top-10-fashion-bloggers-and-their-cameras.php

  3. Your home is SO gorgeous…one of my favorites ! Any “clutter” you dont want, send my way ! Ha.


  4. Diane Martin says:

    I think I could live in the the first room photo if the sofa was a solid color, that would make a huge difference visually, not so busy. I really love layering and the eclectic look, so warm and friendly. I think you should embrace it!

  5. MMish says:

    if you could get rid of everything and start over, what would you do? Just curious!

  6. My husband is begging me to become a minimalist! I need to start with my closet first though, and then move on to the rest of the house. Are you looking for a point and shoot or SLR?

  7. I live for clutter. I just know I am going to be one of those old crazy ladies with WAY TOO MUCH STUFF. Just piles and piles of stuff. I have a problem.