Fashion’s Up and Coming: Helena+Troy.

In honor of Fashion Week, I’m posting about a brand new company that I think is going to go far in the fashion world. (We’ll talk later about Fashion’s Night Out.)

Allow me to introduce the colorblocked gorgeousness that is the work of the “lunchbox” designer Helena of Helena+Troy.  Helena happens to be a family friend and I was thrilled when she emailed me with information about her bags! (As ALWAYS, promoting other women and new designers and artists is paramount here at Sketch42! There are only so many like minded people in the world, so when you meet them you have got to celebrate!)

Helena+Troy is brand new, but she’s already gotten some fab press:

Here’s a shot of The Man Repeller holding hers, which happens to be one of my favorites:

Yummy, huh?

Some other delights from the collection:

The supple leathers and linens! Also, I love the palate. Gray and peach leather?!? Yes!

Become an early adopter of new fashions. Its fun!


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  1. So pretty. Love the gray and peach leather !!


  2. I really like these!

  3. I really like the second one!! Looks like a great new line!