Annnd We’re Done.

Bye bye clumpy, messy, itchy arm party… hello boots, furs, leathers, scarves. I dont know if I’m ready for fall mostly because I cant remember anything I did all summer. Does that happen to you? Time goes by so fast that you cant remember any of it? It feels like I closed my eyes after I left California in June and woke up on Labor Day. Its a good thing I take hundreds of pictures, because my memory, formerly A student material has turned into the brain equivalent of bottle rot.

Im happy to announce that Sketch42 will be resuming normal blogging hours. You know, multiple posts per day, posting on weekends… the regular crazy sched I maintain. Blogging is so not a summer sport.  And what’s the point really? No one really cares about reading blogs during the summer anyway.

Also, Happy to say I finally joined Instagram. I dont know what the heck took me so long. I think that I didnt think I could handle ANOTHER social media outlet… Twitter,facebook, blog, pinterest, etc etc… But Instagram is actually really fun. And its a place I can post all the cool pictures I take that arent blog worthy, but are still cool. So follow me, HERE.


And dont be too sad about the end of Summer, September is the best month of the year! The best shopping and the best weather, the city is amazing in September.

Have a great day!

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  1. While most people are complaining about Irene bringing rain and stuff I’m actually glad that bitch brought coldness to the south. people were starting to melt. I love the cold. I’m ready. i busted out the leather boots yesterday.

  2. We’re still waiting on the rain here, and I’m enjoying the cooler weather. The heat was killing my skin.

  3. This is such an amazing picture. Cannot wait for this LA heat wave is over so I think about fall clothes.