An American in Paris.

Whew. Im home.

So, this year, Im finding out that a lot of the worst kept secrets in the world are true: Paris is gorgeous. Everyone says it, and its true. (Also just learned that about California. And what? How have I never been to both of those places until now? I usually like to do more exotic trips- like to Asia, South America, Africa. Silly me. You dont have to travel far to find beauty. In fact, you really dont have to go anywhere!)

Ok, so you know how I broke my G11 last week? Well, I didnt want to buy another camera yet because the G13 is about to come out, so we borrowed one, and my husband dropped that one too! DAMN IT! So basically all I have is iphone pictures, and the pictures my friends took. It was an anniversary trip, but a few couple friends of ours decided to join along too. Normally, I approach “vacation” like its a job- go  and see everything now/you will sleep when you are dead mentality. But traveling with friends made it a totally different trip. I was always jealous of people with their friends when I went on my alone trips. It looked so fun to be part of a party of people laughing. And thats what this trip was: the eating/drinking/ laughing/enjoying tour of Paris. Seriously, we were out so late every night that we never even adjusted to French time!

Anyway, Thank Man for instagram and get ready for gorgeous overload. I’ll talk a little about each photo so you can get more info about the trip.

Tuileries Garden. Hands down one of the most beautiful places in Paris. One day, when I build my country house- I WILL have gardens like these. Wild, but organized. Dont even get me started on the rooftops…. Ahhhh! 

The view from my room. 

Riding bikes on the Boulevard St Germain. The left bank kind of reminds me of the West Side of NYC for some reason… Riding a bike is the most amazing way to see the city.

One of the things that makes Paris so beautiful, its organized looking. The buildings are all the same height, the roofs are all the same, the facades similar. Consistency and repetition reinforce the gorgeousness of the design. 

Every door is unique and beautiful. 

Streets of Paris…. The street style is a little more subdued than in NYC. Women are a little fancier. Here are some things I noticed about Paris fashion: Its a little more feminine. At night, more girls wear skirts, and poufy skirts too. Its a little less colorful. More girls have curly hair (I notice this because I have curly hair!) and also, the girls love polka dots. OH! And remember how I wrote a post about leather patched shirts and coats? Well, every single shirt or coat in every store has leather on it somewhere. Its trendy x 1000. 

The floors at Napoleons Apartments in the Louvre. My favorite section of the Louvre. I will have floors like this one day. 

Skies. It was really truly Fall in Paris. Temps in the 60s and 70s, perfect city weather.

The Herringbone floors  of my dreams.

I took this photo of this adorable toddler in the park. Normally, I do NOT dig the Bonpoint gray and charcoal color scheme for my kids. I like children to wear colorful and sweet clothing…. BUT, after looking at french kids all week and then getting a picture of my kid in a hot pink Hello Kitty sweatshirt- my brain almost exploded at the sight. Give me elbow patches and grays any day over Hello Kitty! 

Door obsessions… 

Painting inspiration, Matisse. 

Clubbing at L’arc. Literally the most beautiful people I have ever seen in one room. I dont know what it is, but the club was filled with faces, pristine faces, everyone was the best looking person I have ever seen. And not in the traditionally beautiful way, although they were undeniably gorgeous, but also interesting-good looking. I dunno… how do the french have such good looking people? And whats more- how do they smoke, drink and party all night and still have such dewy fresh skin? After two days I started breaking out! Anyway, we were supposed to go to versaille the day after this club. And at one point my husband looked at me and said ” Versailles will always be there, but we will never be this cool again in our lives.” Hahahahah!! Im definitely not that cool. Ever. (Go look at L’arc’s facebook photos from that night if you dont believe me. No seriously, go look. HERE.)

Off we went to the after hours spot until 6am. So no Versailles. I feel really bad that I missed it. But now I HAVE to go back, and soon. Like its my job. 

Rothko, up close and personal. 

Flea Market silverware. 

Art inspiration. 

Bike riding. The only – and BEST way to see the city. I cant wait until the bike renting system comes to NYC! 

At night. 

By day. 


And thats all folks… As gorgeous as Paris is, and as much as I wasnt ready to come home (except that I missed my kids), going away made me see the beauty of my own city… A grittier, harsher city no doubt, but one that is a constant challenge, a heaving, panting beast of a city that keeps you on your toes and has a magic all its own. 

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  1. Wow these pictures are amazing. I need to go to Paris again. Soon. So glad you had fun, looks like it was incredible!

  2. Oh my GORGEOUS!!! These are incredible; I can’t believe they’re iPhone photos! What a gorgeous adventure. So fabulous–and I love your husband already. Smart man. I miss you!

  3. Wonderful post. I love your observations of Paris:)

  4. These photos make me want to hop on a plane and get back to Paris ASAP- I just love that city! Welcome Home!!

  5. Your photos are incredible and only add to my BIG desire to visit Paris soon!

  6. the people really are so beautiful!!! love the title circa s&thc finale part I.

  7. Looks like you guys had a fab trip! Je t’aime Paris!

  8. Oh, and happy anniversary! :)

  9. Congrats on your trip! Pics are gorgeous! Where was the last photo taken and which flea market did you go to? I was there over New Year’s (where my now husband proposed) and didn’t know where to go for the best flea market shopping!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      How sweet is that!

      The last photo was taken from the Centre Pompidou and the flea market is called Marché aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt. Its open Sat-Mon. and any taxi can take you there. Its about 25 min away.

  10. These are gorgeous and I love your thoughts on Paris, from architecture to the kids clothes and the club scene. I went to the ARC Facebook page, and OMG. Are you sure it wasn’t a supermodel party or something?! Ree-diculous.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I have no idea!?!?! Maybe it was! Isnt that crazy? I have never been in a room with such good looking people- EVER!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      So needless to say, I stood out like a sore thumb! Although a cab driver did feel up my leg that night!

  11. We didn’t go to Versailles either due to severe hangovers and lack of sleep. And when we went to Italy, we were so close to not making it to Vatican City because we were out late drinking the night before. I obviously have a problem ;)

  12. lucky lucky lady. so beautiful.

  13. Wow! Amazing photos. I want to go.

  14. Looks like a fabulous trip! I usually prefer to go to more exotic places, but it’s true sometimes there is nothing like those staple not-to-be-missed cities!

  15. wow, you weren’t lyin about the pretty n chic crowd at l’arc.

    glad you had a great time nicole, and thanks for taking us along via pictures!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I know… I thought at first maybe I was just drunk and in a paris haze of thinking everything looks good- but no. It was real.

  16. Marielle says:

    OMG the blue dooors!!! obsessed. sik photos

  17. Looks like you had a fantastic time!! Gorgeous pics.

  18. channah says:

    Amazing! Your pictures are such an inspiration. I quite agree.sometimes just relaxing and taking in the city instead of finishing a bucket list of tourist traps is the way to go. I love the doora…thats one thing Europe definetly has over NYC. BTW, Cookie LOVED Mark Rothko last year…

  19. Michelle says:

    Loved seeing you in Paris!!! We went to Versaille and it WAS amazing. Highly recommend you go back (i can send you pics). When you do go make sure you take the group tour. They take you to sick parts of the castle the general admission doesn’t let you in. On the other hand I’m feeling totally gypped we didn’t go to L’arc! Looked like a rockin fun time… So now I have something to go back for too! ;)