We interrupt this programming.

To alert you to this thing I just read about on Erin’s blog. I had to write about it, on the rare chance that you DONT read Elements of Style, even though she just blogged it.


Anyway, there is a new company that makes paintable fretwork O’verlays made to fit ikea products. THATS RIGHT. Remember that cute Ikea hack you read about, but were worried about going to the hardware store and metering the corners on some wood molding? Yea, well, this pretty much makes Ikea hacking a piece of cake. And one that is guaranteed to taste good too.

Lets just get to the pictures:

Should I remind you of what some of this looks like before?

Right. This product is genius. PS You could also use it on doors instead of molding or wherever really… you could trellis a whole wall with it, although at that point you could just go get a trellis.

OK, we can all go back to our lives now. I just thought you should know.



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  1. It’s awesome, and the designer is a great blogger too. Her blog is called Gorgeous Shiny Things (gotta love that).

  2. That is amazing, I can’t believe those pieces are Ikea. Such a great idea.

  3. SaraSue says:

    This is a really awesome idea. Can’t wait to read more on this designer’s blog. Thanks for the info.
    Sorry about all the hate comments you have been getting. It’s so stupid and insane that people can be so ugly and bitter. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and I can truly say I love every post you write. I don’t usually comment which is kinda crappy. Sorry. Will make more of an effort in the future.
    You rock.
    You have killer style and are obviously a talented and skilled artist.
    No doubt you are an amazing mother and screw everybody that thinks differently.
    Now, go have a GREAT DAY!!!

  4. margi bijou says:

    can always count on this blog for the coolest ideas!nicole you rock!

  5. Jennifer Powell says:

    Love the Greek Key end table!

  6. …woah. It almost makes me want to keep the Ikea crap when we move next month. Hm…

  7. NEED that orange dresser!

  8. That is actually an amazing DIY, the furniture looks really expensive

  9. The dressers look amazing !! I really want to try it !


  10. Melanie says:

    Holy shit those are amazing!!!

  11. i missed erin’s post, so thanks for the repost!

  12. Marielle says:

    the white lamp next to “do what you love” looks exactly like the one you made!

  13. Sweet Nothings says:

    I immediately emailed this to my daddy and said new project. get ready. What type of paint do you use on the lack tables though? hmm.
    cant wait to try. I cant resist a good greek key


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