The week in review!

Do you guys read Ashilna’s blog, The Decorista? She has this feature where she does “Ten things that rocked my world this week.”

Im gonna do a little mini version of that. So here goes:

1. All of your nice comments revived my interest in blogging. You dont know how hard it is to come up with stuff to write about every day, ESPECIALLY without feedback! So, THANK YOU. You guys are awesome.

2. Taking old crappy jewelry and painting it:

(Also note that Im covered in paint and that I am almost done losing the baby weight! Been working out 3x a week!!! YAY!)

3. The hotness that is my blog reader who ordered the belt I picked out for him and sent me a picture:

Even though it was from the UK it came in less than 3 days!

4. The inspiration that is this MEXICO tapestry hanging in my grandma’s “ice cream parlor”… (pool house with a retro soda machine.)

5. Crazy stuff you find outside in NJ:

Giant mushroom:

Hornets nest: 

Saw a skunk at night too, but it was too dark to get a good photo… and not worth the risk.

6. Making tremendous paintings:

From far:

Its 78″ x 93″ minus a few after stretching.

Up close:

Even though they are SO HARD to sell, I love making them. Bigger the better. If anyone is interested, email me. Ill come build it inside your house if you live within an hours distance from NYC.

There is more stuff: like these photos from the blog Black, White and Yellow:

Blanket headboard, someone do this: 

Black lines, Im always a sucker:

And of course, everything I write about usually rocks my world…. like fishtail braids=life changer. And my little boy learned how to roll over this week, started grabbing things and is generally the most pleasant baby on earth – except at 4 am, when he wakes up EVERY NIGHT. If I could just sleep for more than 3 consecutive hours at a time, I think my life would be pretty damned near perfect.

PS, Still didnt watch Jersey Shore yet. I might resume recaps of that.

Also, you know what didnt rock my world:

Real housewives of NYC reunion. When I was in Yeshivah, some teacher told me that the “afterlife” is an airing of a video of your life, you get to watch everything you did over and over again. Of course, if you were good, this was like heaven, because you were proud of yourself. If you were bad, EVERYONE YOU EVER TALKED ABOUT, OR WRONGED would be sitting there watching it with you and so basically, you think you got away with stuff, but at the end of the day, you still have to answer to these people in the afterlife = HELL.

Now, I dont really even believe in hell, BUT, someone kill me if this is not an EXACT DESCRIPTION of a RHONYC reunion?

It was hell to sit through and I dont ever want to watch those women on TV again. You know what the whole problem with this show is: The women hate each other, they dont have relationships that matter so who cares if they make up and break up? Also, none of the women want to show their real lives so  they manufacture plot lines revolving around things that we are not allowed to see on TV. They are still trying to pretend these women arent on a TV show. THE ONLY way to save it, is to allow the show to become aware of itself and to air things like: Jill trying to “ice out” bethany out of filming. Thats actually interesting.

ANYWAY, have a great weekend everyone!!!

Oh yea, and CRAZY STUPID LOVE. And Ryan Gosling.

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  1. Calley says:

    So I read your blog all the time and I never comment – but your post earlier inspired me to stop lurking! The blanket headboard is genius. How amazing would it be with a Pendleton Serape?

  2. Jennifer says:

    That painting is INSANE. If I had the space …

  3. Shlomit says:

    I tried the fishtail braid on my 5 yr old’s hair and loved it! Thanks! Next up: a fishtail bracelet made with leather laces?

  4. Okay, a couple of things: (1) We just bought a new house and I will buy one of your huge paintings once we get settled (and our real jobs start so we’re no longer students accumulating debt). (2) You are like my TWIN about the RHONY thing. I’ve been saying for months now that the most interesting character on most of these shows is the show itself. I wish they would stop pretending producers, etc. don’t exist – especially because the more savvy the cast becomes, the more the show turns into an hourlong infomercial for all of their stupid products they’re trying to launch. I feel the same way about the Bachelor and other reality shows…they used to be fun because people easily forgot that everything they did would be shown. Now they’re overpopulated with characters who come in with an agenda. God. I could write about this all damn day long.

  5. Agreed times one thousand about the RHONY. Now, who has Andy Cohen’s number? But I actually think he gets it- he’s smart and was really annoyed at the reunion. I just don’t know if he’ll do anything about it…

  6. rachel says:

    Fishtail challah came out scary ugly!much better on non-food items! love the massive paintings&shroom!I have the space for that beauty,one day…love ur blog thanx again!

  7. Ive been a douche for not commenting more. Apologies. Giant mushroom in some chicken tacos sounds good. Have a peachy weekend.

  8. Perkie says:

    I was looking up information on a soon to be embarked trip to Cape May and your blog came up during my search. You can’t know how grateful I am.
    Our family moved to PA almost a year ago to the day and while I love it here (location wise), I have been in a “funk” ever since. My husband asked me what it was that I wanted to do and at 40 (I’ve not really worked in 16 years except for a small children’s art business I ran from home while I raised our 4 children) I just sat perplexed. I haven’t been able to pull myself out of the negative – no friends in a new state, no direction, just stuck… In response I said “I’ve been the happiest when a) my kids are happy b) my husband is happy c) my house is clean (crazy, I know) and d) I’m creating something.
    The next thing I know, I’m at your blog, eating it up and thinking “I can do that! Why didn’t I think of that? What a great idea? Beautiful! I can incorporate that here… and there.”
    Amazing that the right things tend to come along at the moment you most need them. Thank you for the creative push I needed. I’ve been toying with the thought of my own creative venture for so long, I’m feeling this was just the splash of inspiration I needed to run with it.
    Thank you!

  9. angela says:

    wow i like your sandals in the first pic, with the bright polish.
    where are they from ? :)

  10. Nicole Cohen says:

    Thanks! Michael kors- from intermix.

  11. melanie says:

    I would love Jersey Shore recaps!