The most beautiful girl I ever saw.

Is a boy.

Crazy, huh? This is 19 year old male model Andrej Pejic.

I cant stop staring at him. 

He models as both a man and a woman.

Gaultier women’s and men’s shows. 

As the Gaultier Bride: 

This book was sensored by Barnes and Noble- they had to bubble wrap it because it looks like a topless woman. 

Im not one to think androgyny is super sexy, but this is clearly the most beautiful human to walk the planet. And I think he is ever more gorgeous when he is dressed as a man.

Photos from HERE. He was profiled in NY Magazines Fashion issue this week. Read the article HERE.

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  1. wow… that is insane! he is stunning… i can’t believe she’s a he! it’s blowing my mind!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I know. In some shots he looks so feminine and in others you can see the masculinity. He is not only gorgeous, but so fascinating to look at. The face of a girl with the body of a boy.

  2. MMish says:

    ok im very liberal but for some reason im not so into this. Why is it making me uncomfortable to see him as a woman with man boobs? Clearly hes stunning either way but i dont know…

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      The last picture is very strange looking. Its disconcerting. But I love the second photo of him. Where he is a man, you can see his adams apple.

  3. Atara says:

    Wow that is wild- I think he looks a lot more feminine than masculine, I would nevetvhave even considered that it’s a man but that’s unbelievable

  4. donnaB says:

    but no! in the bride picture there are hips, waist and an hourglass figure?

  5. “Dude looks like a lady…”
    Obviously, it’s all in the styling; the hair, the make-up, clothes, etc.
    I’d love to see how our perception would change if he had short hair, unshaven, wearing some vintage Levi’s and a bomber jacket.

    I wonder if the women models are pissed that a guy gets a gig over them!

    He is gorgeous; I’d kill for those lips!

  6. Perfect ! Most designers like Lagerfeld and other don’t like female curves as it interferes with their designs anyway so no breasts is a win- win situation.
    I would say this is the prefect model.. although I am a bit creeped out, hahaha.

  7. This brings up a VERY interesting point. Yes he is absolutely stunning, but how interesting that when he models as a woman he fits right in. All the female models look like boys, he does not stand out! Fashion runways have brainwashed us to think that women should not have hips or boobs or thighs. sorry to be a buzzkill, But I’d even be satisfied if fashion returned to the early 90’s when the “supermodels” had a few curves.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I can never be a 6-2 110 pound waif, but it doesn’t bother me that this is what the fashion world chooses to idealize. I think most people find Victoria secret type models to be much more attractive.

      Maybe the turn from curvy and womanly models is what caused the downfall of the supermodel? Like hanger-esk girls are not that interesting to people.

  8. I was reading about him a month or so ago. Unbelievably beautiful. I think he has a Natalie Portman-esque quality to his face. Do you see that? Or is it just me?

  9. This dude has more curves then I do. WTF!

    Some of his pictures are kinda creepy though.

  10. Marielle says:

    holy shitballs hes gorgeous…gay???

  11. Lauren says:

    Despite his good looks, I find the whole situation to be very disturbing.

  12. This is very strange. As beautiful as he is, the whole thing is very odd. Can’t stop trying to figure it out.

  13. Fascinating. I can’t stop looking, like it is one of those perception puzzles or optical illusions. Amazing!

  14. I agree…he’s just so beautiful- I don’t find it at all disturbing personally- he’s just got a supremely beautiful face…hard not to appreciate it as such.

  15. I married a man with long blonde hair and lips that are fuller than mine (seriously, one of my girlfriends gave his picture to her hair stylist) so I totally TOTALLY see it. Alas, now that he’s an attorney he had to cut off his beautiful locks…so now I can stare at this dude and remember what it was like when we were first dating…le sigh…

  16. i am stunned. his face is so feminine! i need to see his ding dong to be sure.

  17. Isn’t he just so gorgeous? I remember when the whole bubble wrap fiasco happened and thought it was ridiculous. Seriously, one beautiful man.

  18. oh. my. gorgeousness. i am kind of totally freaking out right now!!! I can’t handle heshe! how do they make creatures that gorgeous?! wow. i am in awe. may just have to re-blog. this kind of beauty is a once in a lifetime thing.

  19. Livi says:

    He does have a bit of a fleshy breast-ish tissue in that bare chest photo.

    I do wonder if he truly is a hermaphrodite.

    He is very pretty.