Reader Question: Men’s colorful belts.

Someone wrote in a question asking me if I knew who made this belt:

It’s a street style photo by Tommy Ton for, so I dont know who made it.

BUT, I did a little research and found some equally cool men’s belts. Loving them for the last month of summer!

Almost all under $100, and I dont know why, but my computer thinks that I am in Europe today.

1. Oi Polloi 2. American Eagle, 3. Paper Scizzor Stone. 4. Oi Polloi 5. Soto Berlin 7. SVPPLY 8. Soto Berlin 9. Fin’s 10. SVPPLY.

Now I want one!






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  1. Le sigh…I wish I could make my hubs wear that sort of stuff. Actually, I wish I had a couple of those belts now – I’m in Italy and packed ALL the wrong clothes. :(

  2. I would gladly don one of these babies!

  3. Cool belts, but I’m loving his watch! Such a sucker for men’s watches:)

  4. nice belts and i like 3 nob is vary cool & stylish and all belts is nice