It’s like a jungle in there.

Or desert, cause the plants are all succulents. I saw these photos HERE and I had to repost so I could hear your thoughts on them. Im torn between thinking this is super cool, and thinking its very creepy.


What a lovely tree:

The plants are ALLLIIIIIIVVVEEEEE, they are going to EAT YOU!!!!!!!!

A pretty cactus: 

Ahhh, they are coming for me!!! 

Hahaha… What do you think? PS, I adore everything else in that house.

Home of maurizio zucchi. from ideat magazine june 2011.


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  1. Can’t decide either. The first pic is way creepy but the rest are sort of cool. The decor+architecture are amazing.

  2. Kind of makes me feel itchy and that’s never a good thing. I like a few indoor plants but this is overkill.

  3. I love these, though I wouldn’t have so many.

  4. I dig ’em! Not the warmest vibe, but I admire the originality, and they really do seem to work with all the gorgeous furniture and lighting. So cool.

  5. littlebadwolf says:

    the furniture and lighting are all first rate, but i would not choose to live with every piece.
    the interior architecture is exceptionally good, too. on the other hand, all those spiny swordy things do not convey emotional comfort. literally edgy, in a bad way.

  6. with all that amazing light, why wouldn’t you grow plants? it’s like a greenhouse.
    i’ll bet it’s peaceful in there. and the air quality is probs better than my house. or almost anyone’s house.

    am i being too practical?

    sorry, it’s all i got.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      No, I love plants, BUT SO MANY!!!!! Starts to look scary, overgrown and a little creepy!

  7. rachel says:

    I’m just impressed with how healthy and succulent the plants look (furniture is pretty cool too!),I can’t keep anything alive for more then a week,my grandfather had “trees”like that in his house and let me tell you when I walked in any stress I was having just melted away from being surronded by “nature”so there’s something to it

  8. LOVE! Not these photos necessarily, but I love succulents – they have such cool colors and textures that you can’t get from normal plants. My friend Aubrey had succulents in her wedding centerpieces and they were incredible (if you want to see her wedding, it’s sort of blog-famous – search for Los Olivos on Style Me Pretty. I can’t put a link because I don’t know how to use my stupid iPad.)