FALL 2011 MUST HAVE: Trousers.

You know how you used to wear one pair of jeans for 4 months straight and buy 20 different shirts to match them up with? Well, pants are the new shirts. This season, in my humble opinion, its all about the bottoms, which is kind of fun- but a little annoying because bottoms are generally more expensive than tops.

My go to for early fall are these super thin t-shirts from Club Monaco in black or white with a bunch of different bottoms. Jeans in bright colors, and of course, the title of this post: trousers. And we all know that Zara has the all time best trousers. (I found some good ones at Topshop too.)

A little inspiration:


High waisted and flared:

Zara = Perfect:  I need to find out who makes these ASAP, although there is basically no way to find them, they are from pinterest from a tumblr= lost source. 

Wool + camel, very yummy for fall. 


Belted and High Waisted:

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

I dont know what to call this but I love it: Photo: The Satorialist. 

Sexy: Photo: The Golden Diamonds

Photo: Miss Moss 

It’s not a secret that high waisted baggy pants can make you look fat. Trousers are a little tricky, but if you get them right, they look so damned cool.

So here is my advice:

1. This is not the time to try to squeeze into a size 2. Buy the size that fits you please. The pants will cut you in the wrong spot and you will have double stomach pooch if you buy them two small. And thats not even getting into how bad tight, high pants will look on your butt. Plus, they are supposed to look a little baggy and if you do lose those 5 pounds they will look better bigger.

2. If you are wearing them with flats, cuff them above the ankle. If you are wearing wide leg version, wear with heels unless you are very tall.

3. The look is tailored and casual at the same time, but plan on tucking in your shirt.

4. Im not sure, but I think  that surprisingly, the ones that are wider at the hips and taper in at the ankle are the easiest to pull off- as opposed to wide leg or cigarette leg.

My mom cant believe I’m wearing high waisted everything these days (after years of teasing her), but honestly- HOW MUCH BETTER DO YOU FEEL WHEN EVERYTHING IS TUCKED IN, as opposed to hanging out?


Im just so happy to own some pants that arent made out of denim or spandex.

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  1. LOVE high waisted pants. I’m really short waisted, but high rise styles are surprisingly flattering. They make my waist look tiny, and I don’t have to walk around “sucking it in” all day. Plus, tucked-in tops (even if it’s just a plain tee) look so chic and polished.

  2. Marielle says:

    i love all of this

  3. I love the ones in the Vanessa Jackman pic, that is the perfect outfit!

  4. The pair from Zara are absolute perfection !! And love the Vanessa Jackman photo as well !!


  5. Archiex says:

    Love the photos as well as the fashion design.. I truly love the yellow outfit.. Love it!

    More hugs,
    Archiex@ Supermodel

  6. The best part about trousers is that I can get away with them in corporate America. Yay me!

  7. how much i love this collection!
    i can’t wear totally high waisted pants now… i wore them for 30 years or so and it just doesn’t feel right now… maybe i’ll get used to it again… but i love the ones that are tapering towards the lower edges… especially if they are rolled!


  8. See, I love those but with my pear shape plus the 15 pounds I’m trying to lose (thank you, anxiety disorder-slash-my own laziness) I don’t think I could pull them off. I’d like to see some non-model-sized girls wearing this style and looking good in them, you know? It’s like skinny jeans – I didn’t believe them until I saw curvy girls wear them too.

    p.s. I’m in the south of France right now on my second honeymoon and all of the girls here dress like that and look flawless. Of course.