What I’m Wearing: Vintage. Floral. Maxi. Beach Dress.

Another delight from Grandma’s closet:

Shoes are Michael Kors from Intermix, Raybans are fake and I found them in the house somewhere- I think they came with an invite to a party, Necklace is from Ann Taylor and Blue Bangle is from Bodega Shoppe at the Asbury Park Boardwalk.

And on me: 

The dress was perfect, except Grandma had to fix the elastic in it. Amazing huh?


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  1. Super jealous right now!!! I love everything about that dress!

  2. Think I just saw your painting on Secrets of A Stylist…..how exciting!!!

  3. So cute !! Love the dress and it looks great on you.


  4. i want to go shopping in your grandmothers closet. really not fair.

  5. Totally my bag! Your grandma and you share a special gift of major style.

  6. Grandma has some serious style! Do you and your sister argue about who gets what?

  7. Nicole Cohen says:

    I’m one of 15 girl granddaughters but I’m the eldest- and the only one who ever wears the stuff she gives us- so I’ve got top choice:)


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