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Welcome back to our regular programming aka heavy dosing of interior design mixed with fashion and the occasional recap. I was originally  just planning on posting this room:

 Nuevo Estilo  via Things That Sparkle. 

Because its awesome.

Then I got an email from Crew Cuts about new styles and I was reminded of this:

This is a piece of my guest post round up from last week: Top art piece is by me, fashion shots are from pinterest, bottom left painting is by Matisse from The Steins’ Collect exhibit.

Yes, they are all awesome, but Im talking about the neon orange cambridge satchel, bottom right. Crew Cuts now carries them. But in a backpack version…. I’ve been digging this for a while, should I just buy  the non-backpack version? Or is neon over for fall?

And last, I want to talk about how I think we should all quit Bravo. This is ridiculous. First DRU on Million Dollar Decorators- yea, as if someone who is hiring Mary Mcdonald would ever want to put a gym in her dining room. ACTOR. And second, RAMONA’s 54 year old pregnancy as PLOT DEVICE? Boo on you Bravo. I dont for a second believe that Ramona thought of that idiocy on her own, and I think you should immediately find whatever higher up suggested it as fodder for “the most explosive finale EVER” and fire them. The whole season was awful…the only thing I liked about it was that Jill dropped the F bomb way more often.

Is it me, or did this finale seem very final? I cant imagine these people coming back YET AGAIN to fight over BS like hangers, fake pregnancies and class. CAN YOU?

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you all have something fun planned.

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  1. Please, please tell me that neon is not over. I love it so, so much. Especially with my beloved black, gray, navy darks. Love that interior!

  2. love the cambridge satchel. the hardest part is choosing which color to buy!

  3. agree. this season jumped the shark big time. they need all new NY broads.

  4. Yes! It did seem final. I agree with mfamb. Get some new ladies in. I’d like to request that they live in fab apartments that we can enjoy when the dramz isn’t real enough.

  5. That living room is gorgeous and I have been loving the neon as well…hope its not over yet! And the finale did seem pretty final and I do agree the season was pretty over the top with the drama.


  6. Wow…what a gorgeous living room-beautiful colors!! Loving the neon backpack – so cute!!

  7. Obsessing over that tufted leather couch!

  8. I’m obsessed with that room- everything about it!