Some rooms for today.


Love this room: Chair color plus funky sconce, plus black vase in the foreground. Yes. 


Im not usually a fan of rust… but I like this:

And here too: Love that the art is bigger than the couch. No one ever buys my really big paintings. It sucks, because they really do look that much better when they are huge.

Photos via Chapman Interiors Blog.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow. I’m a huge fan of rust and orange and peach and those bottom 2 images knock my socks off. I’ve already swiped them and they are snug in my inspiration folder.

  2. Love the rust chairs and every single last thing about the last one.

  3. The last picture is amazing…the art makes the entire room ! I love it.


  4. i love large paintings! but definitely find they’re harder to sell. :-/

  5. Large paintings are the best. Easy to design a room with, easy to lose yourself in. I’d be all over your large paintings if I wasn’t broke!


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