Another Case For Patterned Floors.


I saw the second image on Maison21’s tumblr which is now one of my favorite places to browse for inspiration. Thanks Christian!


So obviously, I had to find out who was awesome enough to make that floor, so I followed the link and viola: PRODUCTORA, A Mexico City based design firm. This project is the CELESTE CHAMPAGNE & TEA ROOM.

“PRODUCTORA was charged with the architectural remodeling of a 1940s-era house for the design of a stylish champagne bar & tea room. The design focused on the creation of one single tile that could generate a variety of patterns and changes in direction throughout the whole floor plan. This piece is repeated over the whole floor and onto the lower parts of the walls, creating a strong dividing horizon between a quiet above and a below charged with information.”

I wonder why more people dont do awesomely patterned floors. Jamie Herzlinger does it, Mary Mcdonald does it, Nick Olsen and  Miles Redd do it, The Mark Hotel did it…. Hmmmmmm.

These particular floors are totally glamourous, but because they arent so glossy they are totally understated and cool too. Especially in this case- I feel like the restaurant is really restrained and reigned in, despite the patterned floors. *Just one thing- I could have done without the taxidermy.


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  1. I love it, but not sure if I could live with it long. I’ll settle for a rug that I can change out from time to time.

  2. People are afraid of being bold…they can’t even choose a color paint for their wall most of the time, so doing something this big is waaay too overwhelming for most people.

    As for me, I LOOOOVE IT!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      You are totally right! Im telling you though- I have an entire beach house mapped out in my mind with this restaurant as inspiration. Those rustic meets glam striped floors, white walls, wood and leather furniture. I DIE.

  3. You and me both…I have several fantasy houses brewing at the moment!

  4. Want that floor- divine!!!

  5. Crazy nuts about bold patterned floors. Ain’t scared! I’m just biding my time…

  6. The fact that is a single tile is making my head spin. Stunning. My tilers would have killed me if I had selected something like this for my house.

  7. I love this idea, it would be pretty in a subtler palette too — like grey and white

  8. WOW! I am especially digging that it’s a bit more unconventional than the usual painted floor, how it goes up the walls and booths, and is juxtaposed in various directions. Love it! Do it!

  9. amazing- and thanks for the shout out!


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