Spotted! My Box on Absolutely Beautiful Things.

A few months ago Anna Spiro bought one of my lucite boxes… I pretty much lose money every time I ship to Austrailia, but I was totally hoping these would show up on her blog one day! I just happened to look at her blog today after a long time of not reading and viola!

And get this- her son drew her a picture of the entry way where she keeps it!

How cute is that? And my box even made it into the artwork. Love this!

See her post HERE.

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  1. sarah, flourish design + style says:

    Love it!! Looks fab with Anna’s decor style!

  2. I recognized that lucite box, was almost sure it was yours, but then I remembered that Ana
    Spiro lives in Australia and then I was doubting if it was yours. Congratulations! it is lovely!!!
    -luv- Chantal

  3. Don’t you love it when others love your work? But the real scene stealer is her son’s artwork. I love children’s artwork.

  4. hahaha!! cute!! God I love those lucite boxes!!!!!! xoxo E&A