Smells like teen spirit: Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, Resort 2012.

Chloë Sevigny held her first runway show for Opening Cermony- in the gym of a youth center. Supposedly people were red faced and sweating because the AC was broken… Chloë really wanted to take you back with this collection. Back in time to  80’s and 90’s skatery type moments and some pieces were emade in collaboration with the eighties skate brand Vision Street Wear. The collection is replete with eyelet baby doll dresses and laser cut leather… Is it for everyone, no. But can I see it looking great on some girls, yes, like the various cast members of Clueless.

Baby Doll.

Leather eyelet.


I kinda like this. Its like 1994- mall fabulous.

Love this whole look.

Country Club.

Rocker retro.

Love the shirt.

I could see this on a cute starlet to a movie premiere or something…

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  1. those clothes would look good on no one. except those models. or people who look like models. not me.
    where do their boobs go?

  2. ha! mfamb–i didn’t have to look twice to see who wrote that; i knew it was you. :) I dunno… while the majority of the looks i definitely couldn’t pull off in hobbit size, i do love that blue strapless dress w the blue blazer, and the following “country club” dress. so pretty! but nothing earthshattering.

  3. hmmm, I’ll pass

  4. Nicole Cohen says:

    Yea, I get it. 95% of the population would look awful in this stuff. I think chloe looks awesome in that dress, and I also love the outfit molly likes.

  5. Some of the looks definitely remind me of clueless! Ha. And I love the blue dress too!!


  6. Marielle says:

    i love the first couple and the last one…so fun and flirty! i would totally wear them.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      You are exactly the type of girl that could rock these looks… you are young enough and tiny!

  7. eleanor says:

    Oy must be the odd one out that disagrees with all your comments. I was actually thinking that Chloe always designs the silhouettes and shapes that I am always looking for and cant find. like think the skirt thats shorter in front is super flattering, (but you do need height). I always look our for tops like the sweetheart tube with sleeves, so feminine and attractive…..and I think I could rock the nose to toes pink outfit!


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