Sketch42 Obsession: Etsy Macrame!

Erica and I have literally been emailing and texting pictures of all things friendship bracelets back and forth for the past few weeks! Its safe to say we generally approve of them, and pretty much LOVE THEM!

Yesterday she sent me this picture of macrame rings from Etsy, minutes after I bought a friendship bracelet floss kit from Michaels!(Get one HERE.)

I gotta say, Im usually all DIY this and DIY that, but with the gorgeous (and cheap!) stuff being sold on etsy in this department, unless you absolutely love doing it, I would totally buy one!

Here’s a few of my favorites from around etsy:

From Amira’s Jewelry:



From Bracelets: Available in custom colors!  $3.50


From The Math Lady:



From Suuta:


All of these sellers have items that range from around $5 and up! (But of course, I like the fat and expensive ones…)I dont know how whats an hour or two of time could only be worth $5 but hey! Ill take it!

As for me, you know I had to try to make one out of leather and suede, right?

This is the first one I’ve made in about 15 years… It came out a bit lumpy because of the leather and suede being different thicknesses.

(Sorry for the crappy iphone pic. I left my camera battery charger in the city and I am by my in laws.)

Now I’m working on one made out of the thread I bought, but I might just buy one instead!

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  1. These are so fun ! I love the colors of the one you made.


  2. Nicole I adore the rings and earrings. I agree I would not take the time to make these at these prices!

    Art by Karena!

    A new Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica!

  3. Ok, that Amira shop is seriously the bomb diggity! Can we invite her over for Camp Nicole? :)

  4. ugh!!! how did i miss this?!?! those rings are so cute!!!!!

  5. I just learned how to make these last night, by a girl at a center for pregnant teens where I volunteer! She was an awesome teacher. I’m definitely hooked, working on my first bracelet for my daughter. These inspire me! The rings, and that Math Lady rainbow one are super duper cool.

  6. owww i love yours and erica´s picks for bracelets….


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