Portals to another world.

Dreaming about summer vacations and opening new doors!


Photo 2.

I saw these two photos separately and their similarity really struck me. One made me instantly think of the other.

Is it wrong that I now want to go to Morocco? Meaning: the little stunt Bravo and the tourism dept of Morocco pulled  by sending the cast there for 3 episodes actually worked on me?

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  1. Awesome. Marrakech is my secret gotta-get-there place. Didn’t see the bravo piece but I have seriously lusted after several ryad’s featured on ‘house hunters international.’ I am tellin’ you – those places are fabulous and I wanna live there. donna

  2. Oh how it would it be wonderful to go to Morocco or Venice!!! From watching RHWONY of them in Morocco I’ve seen several scenes that look familiar from Sex and The City Movie 2.

  3. You are not alone, I am itching for a trip to Morocco after watching the House Ho’s. A great play by the Moroccan Tourism Board!

  4. Haha, I have a friend who wouldn’t go to Morocco with me when we were in Spain, because she was too scared and now is mad because she saw it on RHONY..and wants to book a trip there too! Leave it to Bravo :)

  5. Oh my goodness, that first pic has my heart. Second pic, too, but I had already spontaneously combusted by then. I need to return to Venice.

  6. Beautiful doors! Very inspirational! It’s a pleasure to see color!
    Hope all is well!
    Jamie Herzlinger


  1. […] magazine, Artisphere.  Finally, the very cool blog, Sketch 42, had the Venice doorway above in Portals to Another World.  (My heart actually caught in my throat when I saw it. Did yours?)  Perhaps I’m reading […]

  2. […] Venice. Incredible city, incredible details. This doorway clearly showcases how weathered paint and distressed patinas mix easily to create wonderful surfaces. […]