New Blog Feature: Art I wish I Made.

I’m starting a new blog feature called Art I Wish I Made where Im going to post other people’s work that inspires me.

First up: I love this painting over Anna Spiro’s fireplace.

I dont know who made it, it could be her two year old’s for all I know, but I really just love it. I hunted all over her blog to try and find a source, but no luck.  And I kind of love and hate that parrot at the same time.

Also, Im going to be posting some videos of my art process sometime soon. Now that its summer and I am going to have the space to work outdoors, I can really get into my fun art making. Between the belly and the lack of outdoor space, I kind of felt stunted all winter long. I think you guys will enjoy seeing how I make my paintings. Or I hope you will!

I also have an amazing post coming(its taking so long to write…) about how to stretch your own canvas. Susan Brinson used to work in a frame shop and she came over and taught me and Erica how to stretch canvas like a pro. Erica actually bought a gigantic painting from me so we stretched that one for her. Here it is in its final form:

You can see its over 5 feet tall. Now I have to make sure she sends me pictures of it hanging in her apartment- ECHEM ERICA!

I love making big paintings and I’m always thrilled when someone really loves my work enough to put it in their home. Thanks Erica….and everyone who has a piece of me hanging in their space!

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  1. Anna Spiro’s painting is so good.
    Then again all of your paintings are magnificent!

    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. I’m obsessed with that Anna Spiro piece as well..and the parrot- love that little touch of whimsy. And your painting, as always, looks amazing! I feel very lucky to have some of your work in my house..and I promise, they will be hung VERY soon!!!

  3. Hey now lady! It’s wonderful to admire someone elses work….but let’s not forget that your work is fabulous too….and I saw on twitter you and Ms Design Blahg {Erica} learned how to stretch canvas. Wish I could find classes here for that kind of thing.

  4. I love these choices. The first one is my favourite, I admire abstract art as well as surrealist, baroque… I just love so much of it, great blog BTW! :)

  5. What a great feature idea!!! Maybe I’ll start a new feature called “Features Ideas I wish I’d Featured.” lol, what do you think?! ;)

  6. Lovely pieces of artwork be looking forward to returning again to see more of your amazing stuff.


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