Diamond Baratta: For your consideration.

I saw this photo in NY Spaces in the waiting room of the doctor today. (Insane sore throat.)

That painting by Frank Stella  falls under the “Art I wish I made category.”

Next up: How good is this kitchen?

Adore those windows, floors and chairs!

And last:

Is the “I let my kid loose with a magic marker in the stairwell look” becoming a trend now?


All photos via Diamond Baratta Design.

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  1. Sarah @lovelaughshop says:

    That art is amazing, that kitchen is fabulous and the walls? Stress me out. I am one of those mothers that keeps markers, crayons and pens out of reach when it’s not craft time.

  2. Is that for real? It really does look like a couple kids got loose with the markers, scary!


  3. WOW! That first space id TDF!!
    PS. I featured your stunning kitchen on my blog today :)

  4. That kitchen is stunning and the staircase…wow !!


  5. hate the scribbles. it’s stupid as fuck.

    love the kitchen but the fact that i am afraid of heights makes me never actually want to be IN it.

    the art is cool. it’s like an abstract owl head.

  6. That painting is amazing! I am a huge fan of Stella. The staircase, lol.

  7. oh my god, that kitchen is amazing!

  8. Marielle says:

    love the painting and the kitchen ! the staircase just confuses me lol

  9. I like KW’s scribbled entry better…hers looks more purposeful and I dig her peachy color. Kitchen is fab. And my grandma used to do geometric needlepoint canvases like that artwork. My dad has one that I’ve been eyeing, but its hanging on his wall so I’d have to snatch it.

  10. mmm, that kitchen is delish. I have kitchens on my brain today and I would kill for one like that!

  11. Haha ….definitely letting a kid loose could turn into that…who knew this would be a trend. ha.