These sconces are taunting me.

I am really convinced that these are the right sconces for a project I am working on.

The problem is, the client doesnt. He thinks they are “too tall to reflect light properly on the face.” Because we are having them on either side of a mirror. I think we need them to balance the height of the mirror… its a big mirror.

And now I keep seeing them everywhere.

First on Gossip Girl, in Serena’s Room at Blair’s house. (I still cant figure out why she has a room there, and where the heck are Blair’s parents?!?)

Then I noticed them while browsing through Jamie Herzlinger’s portfolio the other day (again!): 

And then just now, I saw them on Flourish Design + Style in the double version:

Im being haunted by a light fixture. Does that ever happen to you?

(In case you were wondering, they are the Ruhlmann Sconce by Circa lighting.)

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  1. Ahh yes, the beautiful Ruhlmann. It is one of my favorite fixtures in Circa’s line-up. They are gorgeous in any finish. I think they’re kind of sexy, yet classic. I don’t think it’s something one would grow tired of. Are you looking for sconces for a bathroom? Is that why he’s worried about reflecting in the face? Maybe you could go with Mercer Long Box fixtures in there and use the Ruhlmann’s somewhere else in the house. Good luck convincing your client!

  2. Nicole Cohen says:

    Its not a bathroom, its a bridal showroom. They need to be able to reflect the brides face properly as she tries on veils…

    Im going to look up the other one, thanks!

  3. I like the double ones a lot. Whenever I die for something and don’t purchase it right away I am usually haunted for days seeing it in magazines and all the blogs. Usually it means your choice is right!

  4. LOVE the doubles. So sexy.

    I hate most of the decor on Gossip Girl, but at least they got some lighting right.

  5. Amy says:

    yes. I am currently being nagged by the Vaughan Twig Wall Light pair. Sigh.

  6. The double version is stunning! Happens to me all the time! Convince him!

  7. thanks my friend!!

  8. Oh, in that case the Mercer’s would be too masculine. Good luck!

  9. I have the double version of the Circa Ruhlmann reproduction in my dining room and the light is lovely. I was also haunted, as Amy is, by the Vaughan Twig Light because they look a bit like vintage Felix Agostini but the US version has to have the backplate. Bummer.