Kips Bay 2011: A closer look at Celerie Kemble.

When I saw the first photo of this room by Celerie Kemble I was not sure  I liked it. But when I saw the entire room, I changed my mind.

I think it is meant to be a lady’s sitting room. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the art in this room, and the painting hung over the books, a touch that I always love, is really fresh and I  kinda wish I made it. The shelves are made of lucite… You cant tell from this photo but the table on the right was made of gigantic agate slabs. I adore the round pillows on the couch, they are feminine and simple, and the round shape is repeated in the sculpture and the round side table as well as the globe of flowers on the lucite and brass coffee table (another favorite combo of mine!).

This is happening directly opposite that couch. Again the painting is spectacular and I am in love. Wish I made it and maybe just maybe that palate is going to inspire some of my next pieces… I also absolutely LOVE the sconces mounted ON the matting with in the frame! Little unexpected details like that make this room so pretty.

And on the far end of the room is this settee framed out by floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the garden.

One side of the fireplace is set up  with a writing desk, The kidney shape is reminiscent of the shape of the settee in the window. I love the leather on that chair. 

The other side was set up as a simple bar. The round fishbowls in different shapes and colors adds more circles to reinforce the shape. Some other cute details of the room: Two clusters of marble grapes (the other one is under the malachite looking side table on the left of the sofa). I have my own set of vintage lucite grapes, and I love them! I saw these grapes at the gift show this year and instantly loved them!

And another really adorable detail that I loved…. A little blue vintage ash tray at the side of this chair. Im not certain, but how could it not be vintage? 

I really enjoyed this room! What did you think?


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  1. I love this room – I feel like she didn’t “follow the rules” and came up with a cool and different design!

  2. grace says:

    nicole-those are the alabaster grapes we saw at the gift show!

  3. Love Celerie, and love the details of this room. Thanks for the peek. Plenty o’ inspiration for me here.