Did summer sneak up on every body or was it just me?

(All photos above from the Intermix Look Book Summer 2011)

And new in my life: 

My new favorite shoes: Sergio Rossi Jelly’s exclusive to intermix HERE. One part leather, 2 parts jelly, these things are awesome! Except that I walked two miles in them yesterday! OUCH! (Yes, I spent all my money on shoes because Im still too fat to by clothes.)

(All these clothes are from years past except for the orange tank by Zara and the sunglasses by The Row. )

To the beach!!!!!!!

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  1. Great images and fashion design! I love the color combinations and the styles are light flowing, happy!

    New very Exciting Giveaway will start on the 1st!

    Art by Karena

  2. esther says:

    lol love it

  3. Oh I must have these shoes. Love them!

  4. Jenny says:

    Please don’t call yourself fat! We have seen pictures of you and one thing you are not is fat! I realize you just had a baby and probably aren’t in the perfect condition of your life, and you live in NYC and probably run in circles where body image is tied up in being scary skinny, but you are not fat. I was just with my 16 year old daughter at old navy in the dressing room trying to find her some pants that are loose and cottony (she’s going to Thailand to work with the elephants!), and another teenager there was a having a fit because her mom wanted her to try on size 4 pants, but she refused because if she did that would make her fat!!! It made me so sad, because there we go again, one more female generation’s screwed up body image issues and eating disorders coming up! I know sometimes we as women can’t help but feel it, but you are such a cool woman and role model of chicness and creativity, please don’t go down that path (at least not on your blog). I say this with love because I think you are awesome.