I am shedding. If you wanna know why so many mother’s get the MOMMY CUT postpardum its because there comes a point where you start finding strands of your hair wrapped around your babies neck, in your food, stuck to your clothes… in short EVERYWHERE. And since you are usually still overweight and you have the insane desire to SHED SHED SHED, its often easier to lighten the load by cutting your hair off.

So thats what I want to do. CHOPPETY CHOP CHOP. There is only one problem: Im a curly top, proud bearer of a jewfro. My hair kind of resembles old school Carrie Bradshaw hair, except less  blond, more ombre because of summer sun, winter-non sun= dark roots and lighter tips.  Im worried that if I chop my hair off, I might actually look like Carrie with short hair: AWFUL.

I’ve done a little hair math:


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  1. First of all, I love your blog! and your taste. Very nice. And having “gotten to know you”, I think you want to keep your long hair. You’ll be finished shedding soon and your might find your texture has even changed somewhat. Regardless, I think you want long hair. SOunds like you need the weight of it unless you want it to puff out. I love Lily Alldredge’s hair you posted! How do you get that swoop? I can’t ever do it.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I do love long hair, but I have never EVER had short hair, not even mid length. Maybe I will do a shoulder length.

  2. I too am the proud owner of a jewfro, I did the keratin treatment so I’d have more flexibility with my hair and I absolutely love it. It made my hair so much shinier and softer. So it could be a good option if you’re thinking of going short.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I did the keratin treatment about a year and a half ago, I LOVED it! Then I got preggo so I didnt want to do chemical treatments… It did permanently change the texture of my hair, its MUCH less curly than when I was a kid.

      Maybe I will do it again.

  3. Don’t do it!!! I’ve cut my hair postpartum TWICE, and regretted it both times. The only thing worse than being chubby with postpartum baby-weight was being chubby with bad short hair. eeek.

  4. Marielle says:

    dont do it!!!!!!!

  5. Marielle says:

    as cookie would say “long hair is frittyyyy”

  6. How about Jessica Beal’s length? I think that’s perfect. I have ridiculously long and unruly hair that sheds like a dog, but I won’t let myself go shorter than shoulder-length again. Done it before and always regretted it. Either way, pics are in order!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I like that too… Im definitely getting a hair cut in the next week. Its almost up to my butt now. EW.

  7. I look like “buckwheat” in the summer with my curly hair… no shorter than your shoulder…in fact a little longer and a few layers….and definitely keratin. Although they are discontinuing most brands [in 2 months] because apparently they were lying about the harsh ingredients. There are already some new brands out.

  8. Hmm. I think a lot of this will depend also on your face shape. Like some other poster said, pix are in order.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      You guys know what my face looks like, you saw it in Rue. Its much rounder now!

  9. oh Nicole, go for it! It is only hair and will grow back {especially so in the summer!} Why not just try something new?! But remember that the shorter your hair, the lighter your hair is so the curlier it will become. After my wedding I chopped 10″ off my hair and dyed my natural brown a dark brown … it was fun for a change but for me short hair is more difficult to manage than long, but I’m still glad I did it!

  10. Don’t do it!!!!! I have curly hair and short curly hair is awful to deal with. The times I’ve cut it short have been huge mistakes – triangle head, etc. And it’s hard to style. And it’s even harder to style for fancy events. The styles you have at the bottom took a long time to do – even SJP’s hair looks like it was done with a curling iron. Plus, long curly hair is so special. I get compliments on mine a lot now that I keep it long.

    I know I sound harsh, I just feel very strongly about this since I’ve done it before. :)

  11. don’t do it!!!!!

  12. I agree with the others that say don’t go too short. I, too, am going through the post-partum shedding. We actually have to keep drano on hand -ha! Why does nobody ever tell you about this before you have kids? Weird. Anyways, I need to get a haircut as well, so I appreciate the beautiful ideas- love the colors!