Lanterns and Lights

I’ve been trolling the internet looking for some lighting for various e-decorating clients and here are a few of pieces that caught my eye. I’ve been loving lanterns lately as you can tell!

1. Mykonos Chandelier $945

2. Colton Chandelier $473

3. Agnes 20 bulb $12000

4. Caged Lantern $840

5. Stephano Chandelier $975

6. Star Lantern $798

7. Minimal Glass Lantern $575

8. Cubo de Marco Lantern $1892


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I really love number 4, and lanterns in general. I do, however, find that the exposed bulbs can be offputting in the space, which is probably why I’m attracted to number 4.

  2. #4 is my favorite too of the bunch!

  3. I was instantly drawn to number 3, too bad it’s 12,000.00!!!!

  4. Loveee the skinny sputnik-esque light! Agree with LZ though, wish it were cheaper. Happy Monday Nicole!

  5. grace says:

    wow -number 3 is BEYOND!!

  6. Hmmmm… there is a definite theme here!

    3 is amazing….
    but I also love #8.

    Nice collection, Nicole!

  7. Of course I’m immediately drawn to the $12K one! Gorgeous picks.

  8. Renee Dweck says:

    the one i like is 12 grand—great:[

  9. FYI, I saw this exact light (as well as a bunch of other Ralph Lauren lights) at Marshalls & Homegoods (Homesense here in Canada) for between $100-$200!

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Thats nuts! Wow, home goods has some real scores sometimes… even though I usually want to purge my house of all home goods!

  10. Ooops, that is the #2 light (Colton)

  11. of COURSE i like number 3 best.

  12. LOVE the caged lantern. I used it in one of my own design boards this week: