Cookie models a DIY Tutu!

The folks at the M&J blog asked if my Cookie would model a DIY tutu that they created just for her!

Its so adorable… she loves it! (She is in her princess/ballerina phase.)

See the DIY HERE.

I couldnt resist posting the grown up version:

(Source unknown- Please let me know if you know it!)

Yummy Yum Yum.

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  1. grace says:

    Cookie looks edible…

  2. esther says:


  3. she is a cutie cutie tutie tutie.

  4. Hannah says:

    i think u posted this just for me cause im defintelty making this!

  5. Cookie looks like an angel and I would definitely rock the grown up version any day!!

  6. Love both versions… but wow the grown up version really looks like cake fondant – or is it just me??

  7. Ah!! Nicole she is too cute!! Adorable beyond words!

  8. too cute for words. She can definitely rock a tutu.

  9. Marielle says:

    she’s HEAVEN! i just finished watching some videos i have w hero on my comp shes too cute !!!!

  10. Marielle says:


  11. Lauren says:

    What a doll!!!!

  12. faaaaaantastic. i’m totally scheduled to do this as a diy this week. mine are better. ;) Cookie, however, is absolutely delicious! i want to eat her up with a spoon! xo

  13. Oh my goodness…precious in every sense of the word! My little Tulip wants a tutu on at all times of the day:) And the grown up version, yes please- stunning!

  14. She is just too cute!! Love this little tutu

  15. That tutu is fabulous!! I’m in love with the adult version..looking for an excuse to wear it ha ha!

  16. Oh sheesh…even I find this achingly adorable :)

  17. So tempted to make a grown up version of this!

  18. Move over Cinderella, that gown was made for stepsister butt-kicking. It is fairytale, gorgeous, and fierce all at the same time. LOVE IT!

  19. The photo is from Atelier Versace SS 2011 and you can find more gorgeous Versace gowns here: