Blogger Tag Sale II

We’re live baby! Let the shopping/selling and trading begin!

I am willing to trade, buy and sell and I know you all are too! Even if you aren’t going to be selling anything, I hope those of you with blogs will mention the tag sale on your blogs so that your readers can drop by.

Also, tweet about it using hashtag #bloggertagsale.

Use the Linky Tools below to add a picture of your product with a link back to your POST (Not your blog). You can post all of your items individually or just one. My stuff will follow shortly.

* Snagged this new Blogger Tag Sale sign from Style{d} Loving her stuff!


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  1. Hehe…I just crowded up your sale with a bunch of my stuff…more over on my blog- Thanks Nicole- this is a fabulous idea!!! xo

  2. Question, how does the shipping work on this?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Everyone works out their own shipping situation. Last time, I estimated shipping(or went and had some priced out) and the buyer paid via paypal. But I know some people only sold locally, or some sellers offered to pay shipping as well.

  3. This is awesome! I’m going to get right on this and check everyone’s stuff out and then post some of my own.


  4. oops!!! I just added some of my stuff but I think I did it wrong! I wanted to add how you were hosting the Tag Sale from your blog!!! Can I erase it and do it again, please advise :)


    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I dont know how! Just add it again if you want…but I think it worked? didnt it?

  5. fixed it thanks! ps-this is so fun :)