West Elm + Stray Dog Designs

I just got a little sneak peak of Summer 2011 at West Elm. AND looky here, their latest collaboration is with Stray Dog Designs, the company that made paper mache cool again!

I happen to love their stuff. Its whimsical, playful and sophisticated all at once. I actually own that mirror in the center. It’s hanging in Cookie’s room! 

As for this collaboration, I LOVE the chandelier in the center! I think its very sophisticated and it looks like resin pieces by Oly Studio that cost way more than $299!

Some more of my favorite pieces:

This stool is an instant classic!!!

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  1. Colette says:

    love the stool!

  2. chandelier envy!

  3. that stool is the hotness.

  4. Oh man, how fab are these pieces? I love the textural element they bring, and that stool is madness!!

    PS. I featured your fabulous dining room in my post today :)
    Nancy xo

  5. Most of these pieces are now being made in Haiti again… so if you’re buying paper mache from Stray Dog &/or West Elm, you’re supporting Haitian artisans! So do it!

  6. love all of those items. some of which would look great in a beach house. that is, if i had one. ; )