Things that are of note in the new Lonny.

As we  all know- the new Lonny dropped yesterday…  All in all – it was a solid issue…. not their best (that hliday issue was it for me!) but definitely chock full of ideas and eye candy.

Here are some things that caught my interest from the issue:
Kelly Wearstler’s office…. We have seen this before- but still… Also my hub wants to take me on a post baby getaway to the Viceroy Anguilla. So that would be awesome.

Now where have I seen that adorable brass vase before? Oh yes! Its on my coffee table! Read more about it HERE.

This kitchen – yes or no? I want to say yes, but I have to say no. Something is bothering me- the color of the wood? I dunno.

Circa Lighting gets a huge plug in this issue – their lighting is in almost every pic! Brass Goodman pendants rock!

Oh how I love that fireplace and that mirror.

Doesn’t this vignette look like it was styled by Pieces?

That brass light looks soooo familiar too….. oh yea! I have those over my bed too! Also on a black wall…

Love this den! Too many of the same pillows though. 4 would have been enough- they did not need 8!

These two styling how to’s by Flair were GREAT!

What did you guys think of the issue?

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  1. Love the black walls and brass light. Re: the kitchen….what bothers me is the hardware on the cabinets. Are they wooden pulls? If so, they are horrible. I think they need to be metal. Or less large.

  2. Good issue fo’ sure.
    Wish I could print it out.
    Love the feature lifted from the new book Undecorate.
    If you get the book check out pages 60-67 :-)
    xo xo

  3. The first thing I thought about that kitchen was that they salvaged a bunch of wooden pulls from Wal-Mart microwave carts, circa 1986. Definitely needs something different.

  4. I was a fan of this issue…and I’m with you on that kitchen, too…really want to love it (it’s different and interesting and pretty), but something is just *OFF*…Great. Now it’s going to bug me. (c: I’m not even sure it’s the wooden pulls for me…although they are definitely NOT GOOD. TGIF!

  5. That kitchen, hmmm. Well, I don’t like the light fixture – it reminds me of the railing in a handicap bathroom. I’m totally with you and Jennifer S. on the cabinet pulls. Also, it is weird that the ceiling is white? Almost like they forgot to do something with it. It needs – oh, I don’t know – pressed copper tiles.

  6. I think this was my favorite issue of Lonny (at least in recent months). But many of my favorite rooms are different from yours :) I do love the brass lighting you highlighted. As for that kitchen, I love the black, but something about the wood surrounds on the cabinets and those awful door pulls is rubbing me the wrong way. That breakfast nook is in the same room, I’m pretty sure, and I love that.

  7. yep re: the wooden cabinet pulls…walmart circa 1986….couldn’t of said it better myself.

  8. Amazing issue!! I have to say we picked a lot of the same images that we liked!!

    Have a great weekend :)

  9. Funny…. The New Lonny influenced my post today as well (Ravishing Red)… Maybe not the their best issue, be clearly inspiring!

  10. MMish says:

    Hubs n I went to viceroy anguilla right before i got preg, BEST TRIP EVER…we stayed in a villa w pool, white sand beaches, great service, amazing eye candy (decor wise)…yummm…definitely go and enjoy!!!

  11. Jesse says:

    Not crazy about it. I guess I was looking for more fun colors for spring. LOVED that black and white striped mud room and the foyer that you featured though.

  12. that kitchen knocked me on my ass in a good way. i couldn’t stop staring at it. it SO DIFFERENT FROM THE SAME OLD SHIT I ALWAYS SEE!!!!!! subway…blah blah marble blah blah…
    LOVED that kitchen.

    liked the issue overall…but as you said…not their best. i did appreciate the links to stuff that was more than likely a vintage piece. i could SO do that job. i am a sourcing superstar.