The Hobo Lantern: Yes or no?

I’m usually a fan of fashion/decor crossovers, but sometimes you just have to wonder: When is whimsical really just dumb? In this particular case, I think this Hobo Lantern by molo design COULD be cool, but it really is silly… but maybe, in the right scenario? Like… ????


Photos via The Contemporist

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  1. Maybe lighting up the walkway to a fashions show? I am so not a fan of these. They look like the things little kids make on halloween out of paper bags.

  2. to me this is one of those things that might actually be cooler IN PERSON! usually my thoughts go the opposite way (as in better in photos, dumb in real life). i could see it as a funny way to light a hallway or a night light in the laundry room…you know…for sleep walking trips to go do laundry.

  3. I’ll pass, unless they are battery powered and can be used to light evening beach parties.

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Yes!! That could be cool! Or in a beach house/cabana type area? Like where you store the wetsuits and surf boards? Other than that… Eh.

    • hobo lantern comes with both a plug-in cord for home use and a battery pack for portable use (the batteries aren’t included).

      In our hands-on trials here at the studio the LEDs stayed nice and bright for over 20 hours using 8 standard AA alkaline batteries, or about 6 hours using rechargeable AA’s, after which point it they began to dim.

      A beach party is the perfect use for hobo! We hadn’t thought of that yet because it’s still a bit cold and rainy here in Vancouver. Thank you.

  4. Maybe as luminaries….maybe