Room of the day.

I love the color palate in this room… the nude/white/gray color combo, the fireplace – even with that gigantic rock formation hanging off it… all great.

Also -I apologize for my lack of good posts lately. Im realizing now that perhaps I was a bit too ambitious when I decided to only take a week off of blogging after the baby. Why? Well, its not because I dont have a few minutes each day to carve out some time, but its because my brain is rotted through and I just dont even seem to CARE about anything anymore. I have 3 brand new magazines waiting for me on my nightstand, paintings to make, emails to read… and all I want to do is sleep (oh and also get out of the house a little.)

If you want to know what the first few weeks of being a mother to two kids is like: well, its moments of extreme joy… so happy that I cant believe how great my life is, thrown in with moments where I just want to hide under my covers where no one can find me- or touch me.

I need a few more weeks to get my groove back. Bear with me!

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  1. AMEN SISTER! I know how you feel…motherhood is the most wonderful/terrible thing to ever happen to me! (c: Definitely make time to do things that make *you* happy. It is the key to *sanity*…and don’t worry, it gets better!!! Sending hugs and thoughts of children sleeping through the night your way…(c;

  2. Stunning room, I love these colours! Take all the time you need Nicole, I can’t imagine how stressful it must be! xo

  3. Awww, Nicole!!! Your posts are still wonderful- even if you don’t see it!!! Take a break if you need to, we want you sane!
    All that to say—- I love that fireplace. Not sure where the photo is from, but that home feel so Palm Springs. Love it.

  4. I don’t know how you’re doing it – I think I had my kiddo a few days after you and my brain is so mushy that I can’t even function to write an email!

  5. Molly Marler says:

    Don’t sell yourself short, love! You are amazingly talented, and we know it! You and your babies have to come first; and damn if I don’t know how sleep is such a precious commodity. SLEEP, take your ‘you’ time (ha!), enjoy the special new time w your baby and w Cookie & your hubs… and post when inspiration strikes. I’m sure you’ll get your “new” groove on soon. XOXO

  6. Stephanie says:

    While I absolutely adore your blog and it is the first one I read each day, I have never really commented on a post…. But, when I read that you felt that your recent posts were lacking, I needed to write to tell you that your posts are (still) great/enjoyable/inspiring and there’s no lack of anything, as far as I am concerned! It’s all fantastic to me–for example, I was SO impressed that you were out at Saks buying nail polish with your daughter so soon after you had a baby. My son is 8 months old and I am just now starting to put thought into my wardrobe beyond jeans and Sorel boots. I loved that post and it motivated me to get my act together and make my own ‘must have for spring’ list. Sooooo, like someone commented already, don’t sell yourself short!!

  7. I just found your blog recently and I think it’s amazing – really inspiring! Everyone I know is in a rut right now – it’s got to be the weather – and none of them have a brand new baby like you do!!

  8. I am fairly new to your blog and just L-O-V-E it! I can honestly say that your house is the ONLY house that I have ever seen that I could literally just move right into! Seriously, I can’t event nit pic it! Anyhoo, I was thinking to myself that after I had my baby all I did for the first month was ‘survive’, feed, sleep and shop occasionally…. I can’t beleive that you are able to blog right now!!!! Bravo. Your guest bloggers were awesome too… maybe they will come back for another week… so mama can get her mojo back! take care :D

  9. Jennifer says:

    Aaaah, post pregnancy hormones are great, aren’t they? Take your time; we’ll be here when you’re ready!

  10. The pillows…the orchid….the fireplace. Its perfect.

  11. Love this room, agree it’s perfect.