My favorite pillows from around the web.

Everyone has a pillow formula. Some people like a bunch of mismatched pillows, some like a totally symmetrical look etc… I personally like two solid pillows on either end of the couch, then I like two printed colorful pillows in front of those, and then I sometimes throw in another different pillow in the middle of the couch, sometimes its a lumbar. On beds, I always like big euros and a roll. I LOVE a roll.

For me, pillows are as much about the texture as they are about the print. Using pillows to add a texture as well as an additional pattern to your room are key. For example: If your couch is velvet, dont use velvet pillows. Use a chunky linen, or a leather. If your couch is leather, use something soft like a velvet or textured like a needlepoint… Whatever you decide, make sure that you factor in the texture. Its just as important as anything else!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pillows around the web right now:


1. Ikat pillows, Fabricadabra $45

2. Fleck Pillows, Furbish $50

3. Honeysuckle Pillow, Clayton Gray Home $165

4. Red Cheeta, Furbish $50

5. Blue Ikat,  Silk Way on Etsy $36/2

6. Leopard Needlepoint, Furbish $50

7. Leather & Linen lumbar, Sketch42 on Etsy $165

8. Mongolian Fur Pillows, West Elm $49- $129

9. Velvet 20″ Pillows, Crate & Barrel $40

10. Painterly Pillow, Cb2 $35

11. Hatch Pillow, Clayton Gray Home $85

12. Ikat Pillow, Silk Way on Etsy $17

13. Spot Pillow, Furbish $50

14. Bengal Baazar, Plum Cushion on Etsy $125

15. Tie Dye Leather Roll, Sketch 42 on Etsy $300

If you noticed, these are mostly all from the same shops. And the reason for that is these shops are awesome.

Furbish: Great source for fun and relatively inexpensive pillows. Jamie is always cooking up something new, so I check back often.

Plum Cushion: Melanie custom makes pillows using very high end fabrics… Think Kelly Wearstler’s collection for Lee Jofa, Fabrics from Schumacher etc etc… all for a FRACTION of what stores sell these pillows for. (Less than half!)

Fabricadabra: Huge collection of Ikat Pillows.

Silk Way: Also a wide collection of Ikats for very cheap, but I have never seen them in person, so I cant attest for the quality.

Crate & Barrel & West Elm make great solid color pillows that I like for the first layer.

Sketch42: In my own shop, I play with leathers and linens… I like to mix up the textures and colors!

How do you set up your pillows? What are some of your favorite sources?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Are you reading my mind or something? Yesterday, I spent four hours looking for throw pillows for my living room. FOUR.

  2. Your tie-dyed leather roll is one of my favorite pillows! I’m working on a guest room I hope to use it in.

    I’ve used a vintage rug, vintage fabrics and textiles like scarves and silk ikat for pillows. I need many more.

  3. Agreed with Jennifer, you are definitely reading my mind because all thats on it is pillows!!!