My brain is made of silly putty.

I cant think of anything to write about. My throat has that swollen gland feeling that comes from being up from 3-5 every night. UGH. Also I have Bravo on non-stop, Im even watching old episodes of the RHOC.

reAnyway, a friend of mine who writes the blog I Live Fashion got baby Jojo a gift and it came wrapped like this:

How cute and thoughtful is that? I couldnt open it without taking a picture!

Now I have to work on Thank You Notes… When I had Cookie I did a whole fancy thank you note with hand-dyed silk ribbon bows on handmade paper etc etc…

For baby Jojo,I’m thinking simpler.

I’m liking orange:

(Luscious Verde…)

(Obviously I would change the color here… Designers Fine Press…)

All Thank Yous are available via Love Sophie June, email for details.

I dont want to blog about baby stuff anymore…But like I said: I have silly putty where my brain used to be.

Also, I added two new black and white paintings to the Etsy Shop, they are the last two that I made before I gave birth!

What did I miss in the world of blogging in the past 2 weeks?!?

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  1. Congratulations on your little babe! Your blog is AMAZING. Your home is SPECTACULAR. Your guest Bloggers were very inspiring as well! way to go :)

    Not sure if this is your thing but we have used them for quite a few things:

    All the best! LZ

  2. Danielle says:

    keeep blogging about baby stuff!! trust me, we are ALL waiting to see your nursery or what is inspiring you to start decorating it…do you have a mood board yet? I am waiting to see because you will most probably be my inspiration for my baby room (Gd willing) you didnt miss anything in the blog world, we all missed you!!!! share the stories with us or at least me haha

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      I dont know how to tell you all this… Im not going to be doing a nursery for Jojo for a few months. Cookie is still using the crib and changer, Jojo is in a basinet etc etc… I want to try to experiment with them in the same room after the summer and if that doesnt work THEN I am going to do the nursery.

      And dont worry! Ill share stories… Im just still too tired!

  3. our blogs are reflections of our lives, so why *wouldn’t* you be blogging about baby stuff right now? rest up, mommy, and we’ll look forward to whatever you choose to post whenever you have a chance in between feedings.

  4. esther says:

    loved cookies thank you!! still have it saved!! so pretty!!

  5. Fabulous package….a lucky girl to have such talented and thoughtful friends!
    Hang in you will catch up probably with quite a wonderful new perspective.
    Two is WAYYYYYYY harder then one at the front end.

  6. So so so happy for you. And what a perfect gift – it looks just like you! I love all the paper samples you’ve got there, too.

  7. Welcome back! I’ve been out of the blog world too but not because of a baby! You say you have nothing to talk about then you post all this beautiful paper! Psh!

  8. what maison 21 said.
    also i remember silly putty brain. it comes back after you turn 40.

  9. Ok, printed thank you cards for your baby gifts? That is awesome! Can I get away with that for wedding gifts?

    PS – I think you are doing a fantastic job.

  10. oh, I really love the orange ones! That orange one, with the blue backer looks just like the menu cards I’m currently making for my wedding- I have about 10 made, only 150+ to go.