Miles Redd: How does he do it?

And by it, I mean convince people to let him go Crayola ape crazy on their living rooms…. Sometimes to stunning affects, like this one, other times, not so much. ( I ask because I was trying to convince someone to do WHITE WALLS the other day and they looked at me like I was a nut job… I was thinking white lacquered walls with brass hardware, antique mirror and bone inlay. They said NO to white walls.)

The color palate of this project… Oh my god… its heaven. Mint, eggplant, and peacock, mixed in with dashes of chartreuse and yellow… I LOVE IT!!!! (I seriously have new inspiration for the paintings I was disastrously making today! I took a month off post baby and its not so easy to get back into the swing of things.)

AND THIS is why they pay him the big bucks:  (Note the Foo Dogs… )


The man is a genius.

These two spaces really remind me of his own apartment:

He loves a good pink on red, red on pink color combo. His apartment:

And look same bed as in his space, different canopy… This bedroom looks SO MUCH like his own!

Similar color scheme, same mirrored bed posts and fur throw…

What do you think of this project?

(Featured in this month’s House Beautiful.)

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  1. I really love his layering of colors but I would be scared of a wall full of vases on brackets!

  2. i bought it on the spot in cvs today. he is the one person who i’d give free reign…wonder if he does rat hole nyc studio apartments??

  3. I’m in love with this project. It is my all time favorite of his. Everything is perfect. The colors, the furniture, the patterns. Adore it all. And no to white lacquer and brass???

  4. i adore him. he’s a genius. however….i am certain i couldn’t live with all that color. not for very long anyway. but i guess that if i can afford him in the first place i can afford to change my mind a lot quicker.

  5. Wow these colors are SO vibrant! Definitely what I am feeling right now. Usually Mr Redd is a little bit too much for me, but this actually feels restrained to me. I think because it’s more focused on colors, and less mixing of patterns.

  6. Love Hard Wood says:

    The entire design and color scheme is beautiful…

    So, where would you want to do white laquer and brass?

    • Nicole Cohen says:

      Its for the M&J trimming bridal salon. We are redesigning the room… Wanted to do high gloss white walls. We already decided on brushed brass trim for the showcases.

  7. I love it! It’s bold and fearless, interesting and fun. The color palettes in the first two images are to die for, makes me crave mint (the color ;)

    xo Linda

  8. I love Miles Redd – one of the first designs I saw from him was this kitchen:

    Not as many colors as in some of this recent shoot – but I the hi-lacquer and deep color went straight to my heart.